4 Unique Burial Options for Cremated Remains

When most individuals think about the outcome of cremation, they think about where and how they’re going to scatter their loved one’s ashes, or cremains. However, what many don’t know is that it’s perfectly acceptable to bury cremains, which can be done either in a private plot or privately-owned property, an urn garden plot, or a columbarium niche.

Take a look at these four unique options for burying your loved one’s cremated remains.


  • Cemetery burial



Although it may seem counterproductive to bury your loved one’s cremains in a cemetery considering there is no casket, the option is far less costly than you might think due to the need for less plot space. A cemetery burial offers a place your loved one’s friends and family can visit to pay their respects at any given time. Today, most cemeteries actually allow for the burial of cremains from multiple people in one plot. Be sure to ask your local funeral provider about options for purchasing a cemetery plot for the cremains of your entire family.


    1. Private plot burial Burying cremains in a private plot on private property allows friends and family to have peace of mind at having their loved one’s remains nearby. This option is also ideal if you live in an area in which cemeteries are costly or do not allow for the burial of cremains on public property. Burying cremains on private property often allows for more freedom as to where you’d like to place your loved one’s cremains — such as underneath their favorite tree or next to a tranquil resting spot.


    1. Urn garden burial Due to the rise in popularity of cremation, many cemeteries and memorial parks now allow you to purchase garden space for the burial of your loved one’s ashes, which is also known as an urn garden. At an urn garden, you can either bury the urn that holds the cremains into the ground, or place the urn in an above-ground memorial. You can then visit the urn garden during normal hours of operation to pay respects to your loved one.


  1. Columbarium niche burial A columbarium is a small building that normally resides in a cemetery and contains hundreds of columbarium niches that house cremated remains. Each niche is big enough to hold your loved one’s urn, and some niches are even available in larger sizes to allow for the housing of multiple urns or additional personal items that help memorialize your loved one.

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