Choosing Meaningful Cremation Keepsakes


Once you have made the decision to cremate a loved one, the next concern that often arises is how to handle the ashes. For families wishing to keep the remains of a loved one, a variety of cremation keepsakes are available. Due to the overwhelming number of companies that offer products to memorialize your loved one, we would like to provide a quick overview of what is available to help you make your decision.


The most traditional cremation keepsake continues to be the urn. An urn is simply a tall vase that is often round in shape with a solid base. Urns will always have lids that can be sealed or unsealed once the remains of your loved one are inside. Urns are available in a variety of materials. They can be made from glass, marble, stone, brass, metal, ceramic, and wood. You may choose to have an engraving on the urn or even a special message to your loved one on the inside of the urn.

Cremation boxes
Another available keepsake is the cremation box. Much like the urn, a cremation box is a sealed container that holds the ashes of your loved one. These boxes are available in various shapes, such as square or heart-shaped, or can be customized into a shape that is particularly meaningful for you. Silver, leather, gold and Swarvoski crystal are just a few of the finishing choices available. Cremation boxes can also be engraved with a private message. Some companies provide engravings from customer drawings and personally written messages. Even children’s drawings can be turned into engraved messages on a cremation keepsake box.


Cremation urns or boxes are a wonderful way to divide the ashes of a loved one if there are several friends and family members who find comfort in keeping them close. If you need help in choosing the perfect cremation keepsake, please contact us. We have been in the cremation business for over a decade, helping families to find peace and comfort in the proper cremation of their loved ones.

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