Eternal Ware Pottery is an Artistic Alternative to Urns


When we lose a loved one and arrange for cremation, we are gifted with the opportunity to distribute ashes in multiple different ways. We may decide to scatter a portion of the ashes at our loved one’s favorite places, and reserve another portion for use or placement in an urn, jewelry, or other keepsake.

A business based in Newport, Minnesota, called Eternal Ware has found a new creative way to help us commemorate our loved ones. At Eternal Ware, ashes are combined with clay to make creative and unique units of pottery art. Instead of placing ashes in a decorative urn, friends and families can commission pottery art that truly memorializes their loved ones.

The process at Eternal Ware begins by exploring the gallery of pottery artwork from a collection of contracted artists, and choosing a style and size for the art piece. After you’ve selected a pottery style, Eternal Ware will request that you or the cremation society handling your loved one’s cremains send a portion of ashes to Eternal Ware so they can be distributed to the artist who has been commissioned to create your pottery piece. Within 60 to 120 days, the artist from Eternal Ware will send you the completed art piece, which will contain the ashes from your loved one.

The concept behind Eternal Ware was born when the business owner, Ron Javner, lost his mother over four years ago and wanted to develop a new way to remember her. Ron felt that creating pottery artwork with cremains was a unique way to put new life into art, and to beautify a home with the memory of a loved one while having them nearby.

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