Meanings Behind Flowers Found in Funeral Homes

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Walk into any of the funeral homes in Independence, MO and you’re bound to see flowers scattered all over the place. Flowers have turned into some of the best sympathy gifts that people can send over the years, so a lot of people will choose to send them to grieving families. What you might not realize, though, is that different flowers found in funeral homes have different meanings. We’re going to discuss some of these meanings today. Learn about them below.


Of all the flowers that we’re going to touch on today, you could argue that lilies are the most popular ones of the bunch. Lilies look great and smell amazing, which is why they’re sent to funeral homes so often. Lilies have also become popular because of the meanings behind them. Lilies are meant to symbolize things like innocence, purity, virginity, and the soul returning to a peaceful state. It’s why they remain popular today and why that isn’t likely going to change anytime soon.


Although lilies might be the flowers that are found in funeral homes the most, carnations come in a close second. If you ever spot a standing spray or a funeral wreath in an Independence, MO funeral home, you’ll likely see carnations used within it. Carnations come in many different colors, and each one has a different meaning. Red carnations represent love and affection, white carnations represent innocence, and pink carnations represent the tears of the Virgin Mary. You can mix and match these different colors to send flowers that have an extra special meaning.


More often than not, people will associate roses with things like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. But it’s worth noting that roses can also be sent to funeral homes as sympathy gifts. They’re a lot like carnations in that they come in many direct colors and in that each individual color rose has a different meaning. Red roses, as you might expect, represent romantic love, while yellow roses represent friendship. White roses represent innocence and purity, and pink roses represent gratitude. You’ll want to choose rose colors accordingly to get the right message across.


Like carnations and roses, you can find orchids in a bunch of different colors. But unlike those two types of flowers found in funeral homes, orchids have one universal meaning. They’re used to represent love and should be sent to any family that you love with all your heart. You might also want to consider the idea of sending an orchid plant as opposed to just orchid flowers to a funeral home. They will both send the same message, but orchid plants last for a long time and can turn into a keepsake for a grieving family.Funeral homes in Independence MO

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