Reasons to Scatter Remains in a Scattering Garden

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Many cemeteries have started to add scattering gardens to their grounds. These scattering gardens can be used by families that would like to scatter a loved one’s remains in cemeteries following cremation services in Independence, MO. If you haven’t considered using a scattering garden to scatter a loved one’s remains, you should do it. Check out some of the reasons why you might want to scatter a loved one’s remains in a scattering garden below.

Keeps cremated remains safe

When you and your family scatter a loved one’s remains after their Independence, MO cremation, you want the remains to stay. You don’t want to have people and/or animals trampling all over them. Fortunately, you aren’t going to need to be concerned about this happening when you scatter remains in a scattering garden. You’ll be able to peacefully scatter remains and leave them behind without worrying about what might be done to them at some point.

Provides families with a place to visit a loved one’s remains

In the future, you and your family might want to go back and visit the place where you scattered a loved one’s remains. And it’s going to be difficult to do this if you scattered them somewhere that isn’t anywhere close to your home. Scattering a loved one’s remains in a local cemetery’s scattering garden will provide your family with the perfect place to visit a loved one’s remains. You can also come together as a family to visit this place on the anniversary of your loved one’s death each year if you would like.

Costs very little

There is usually going to be a little bit of a cost that will come along with utilizing a scattering garden in a cemetery. But this cost shouldn’t be very much at all. If you’re concerned about the price you’ll need to pay to use a scattering garden, you should call around to different options in your area to see what they’ll run you. You might be surprised by how affordable funeral it can be to scatter a loved one’s remains in a scattering garden when it comes right down to it.

Puts loved ones in the same place as other family members

Over the years, many families have tried to keep their loved ones together in the same cemeteries whenever possible. But in recent times, itCremation Service in Independence MO has become difficult to do this since a lot of families now cremate their loved ones. Scattering gardens have once again made it possible for families to start putting their loved ones in the same place at the time of their death. Regardless of whether a person is going to be buried or cremated, they can leave their remains in the same cemetery over time.

Is your family in the market for a cemetery with a scattering garden? Our funeral home can help you find one. We can also assist families in conducting Independence, MO cremations for their loved ones. Contact us now for additional information on our cremation services.

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