Where do Families go to Grieve After a Cremation Memorial Service?


For those who have lost loved ones, visiting the graveside weeks and months after the funeral is often a part of the grieving process. Families that are left to mourn those who are cremated, however, may feel they don’t have a “place” to grieve.

Having a place to visit their loved ones can be comforting – it gives others a quiet place to talk to the departed or simply to quietly reflect on their loss. Families of those who chose cremation have many options on choosing a place to grieve.

If the ashes are scattered, some family members may feel close to their loved ones by visiting the location where the ashes are scattered. These locations are outdoors and often in isolated areas, which can provide needed privacy for grieving friends and family.

If a loved one was fond of the outdoors, some might choose to purchase a garden bench or plant a tree to memorialize their loved one and provide a place to visit. Whether the memorial is placed in their own backyard or donated to a local public park, grieving friends and family can quietly reflect the loss of their loved one while sitting on the bench or near the tree.

Visiting a local cemetery is another option. For some, just being in a cemetery can provide the atmosphere they need to grieve even if their loved one isn’t buried there. Some may take a walk through the peaceful cemetery grounds. Others may simply sit quietly or take the opportunity to talk to their loved one. Family members may visit the grave of someone else they have known or even the grave of a stranger.

Grieving families don’t require a specific place to go to mourn their loved one. However, having a place to visit often aids in healing after a death. Cremation doesn’t mean there isn’t a place to go. Whether re-visiting the ash scattering location, walking in a favorite park, visiting a local cemetery, or spending time in any other place where friends and family may feel close to the departed, those left behind can create their own special place to grieve.

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