A Guide to Speaking With Your Spouse About Cremation Services

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If you’ve been tossing around the idea of picking cremation services in Overland Park, KS over burial services in your head, it’s not something you should keep from your spouse. You should start a conversation with them about cremation and let them know that you’re potentially interested in being cremated. It’s something that you should try to get on the same page about sooner rather than later. Want to know how to have this hard conversation with them? This guide should help you get the ball rolling.

Pick a good time to bring up cremation to your spouse.

Cremation isn’t necessarily a topic that you’re going to want to bring up to your spouse out of nowhere. You might catch them off-guard if you start discussing how you would like to plan an Overland Park, KS cremation for yourself without any warning. Instead, you should tell your spouse that you would like to sit down with them to talk about something serious. It’ll put both of you into the right frame of mind for your conversation.

Give your spouse some idea of how you’re currently feeling when it comes to cremation.

Once you actually sit down with your spouse to speak about cremation, you should feel free to come right out and tell them how you’ve been feeling. You should let them know that you might want to be cremated and list some of the reasons for it. The more reasons you can provide for your spouse, the better, as it’ll show them how much thought you’ve put into this. You might even want to come prepared with some cremation-related materials that you can show to them.

See where your spouse stands on cremation at this time.

After you’re done laying out where you stand on cremation at the moment, you should invite your spouse to share their feelings on cremation with you, if they have any. There is a chance that they might agree with your stance on cremation, but there is also a chance that they will tell you that they don’t want to be cremated. Either way, it’ll be good for both of you to know where you fall on the burial vs. cremation debate. It should open up a healthy conversation between the two of you as long as you both give each other the time to talk and express your feelings.

Agree to continue to talk about cremation with your spouse moving forward.

You and your spouse shouldn’t have a single discussion about cremation and leave things there. You should use your initial conversation as a good jumping-off point as you move forward. You should continue to speak about cremation so that you’re able to enter into end-of-life planning on the same page. It might not always be fun to have these conversations, but it’s very important for spouses to have them at some point. cremation service in Overland Park KS

Would you like to gather some more information on Overland Park, KS cremations before sitting down with your spouse to talk? Heartland Cremation & Burial Society can set you up with the info that you need and answer any questions you might have. Give us a call to talk with one of our funeral directors about cremations.

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