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A complete description of the affordable, simple and “Worry Free” cremation and burial options can be found in Heartland Cremation & Burial Society’s Cremation and Burial Selection Guide. Whether you “Just want a cremation,” or your family desires an affordable traditional funeral alternative, this brochure can be downloaded and shared.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate the intricate details of funeral and cremation arrangements with sensitivity and foresight. With a focus on alleviating the emotional and logistical burdens on your loved ones, the guide provides a structured framework to articulate your unique wishes, ensuring that your final moments are a true reflection of your individuality. From selecting meaningful rituals to choosing the ideal resting place, our guide offers insights, options, and resources to empower you in making informed decisions.

Embark on a noble journey of giving and leave a lasting impact by considering the profound significance of body donation in our brochure, "A Gift Beyond a Lifetime: The Importance of Body Donation for No-Cost Cremation." This informational guide explores the transformative power of donating one's body to science, emphasizing the altruistic legacy that can be achieved through this selfless act.

A comprehensive brochure crafted to assist veterans and their families in navigating the solemn but important journey of final arrangements. This informative guide pays tribute to the dedication and sacrifice of our veterans by providing a detailed overview of the funeral and cremation benefits available to them. From understanding eligibility criteria to navigating the intricacies of military honors, the brochure serves as a roadmap for families during a challenging time.

Take time during the busy holiday season to remember your loved one.You cannot push the grief away and, in taking positive action, you can Incorporate your loved one into the season. It may not turn the holidays happy, but these ideas can help to make them a little bit better.

The Mass of Christian Burial has been an important tradition for most Catholic families. This brochure is available to those Catholic families who desire to keep the tradition of a funeral Mass, but are unsure about the Catholic Church’s position on cremation and those sacred ceremonies. If you may download and printed this brochure if you are Catholic and still have some questions.

The General Price List (GPL) is the key stone of the Funeral Rule. The Federal Trade Commission requires that it must contain identifying information, itemized prices for the various goods and services that you sold by funeral homes, and other important consumer disclosures. The GPL enables consumers to comparison shop and to purchase, on an itemized basis, only the goods and services they want. You may download our GPL directly from our website.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download your free copy by clicking on the Acrobat Reader logo.