Affordable and High-Quality Funeral Home and Cremations in Independence, MO

Heartland Cremation & Burial Society is a funeral home and cremations in Independence, MO. In 2001, Heartland Cremation & Burial Society made its first home in a beautiful funeral home in Raytown, Missouri. With the addition of a crematory, Heartland Cremation & Burial Society became the first Cremation Society to own and operate its own, on-site, crematory in Independence, MO. When you work with us, our dedicated team will make sure that your loved one will be in safe hands all the time. Call us at (573) 442-7850 or you may visit us at 6113 Blue Ridge Blvd Raytown, MO 64133.


Families from a wide range of backgrounds will eventually find themselves needing a funeral home and cremations services in Independence, MO. When that time comes, Heartland Cremation & Burial Society will be ready to help with simple, dignified options at affordable prices. We offer alternatives to more traditional funeral home operations while still delivering upstanding services to our community.

We aim to deliver simple, affordable, worry-free options for our patrons at a time when the death of a loved one has upended their life. We strive to offer these services with a kind-hearted, sensitive approach during this tender time.

A Small Business, Locally Owned and Operated
Now nearing the end of our second decade in the business, Heartland Cremation & Burial Society has grown remarkably through word-of-mouth referrals from our satisfied customers. After several years of growth and increasing the number of people we could serve, we expanded to serve all of the greater Kansas City areas and opened an office in central Missouri.

Initially offering services to those who just wanted cremations, we have continued to expand to meet our clients’ needs through streamlined, simple cremations or full funerals with caskets included. We stay up to date with current best practices and support our communities at a time of great need.

Choosing Funeral Home and Cremations in Independence, MO

Selecting a provider for cremation services and funeral services no longer needs to be cost-prohibitive. We offer services to those who want simple, direct cremations without a ceremony attached. We can also arrange simple cremations to support a brief “final goodbye,” where the deceased can be seen one more time before the cremation.

We can also do cremation services with a memorial or celebration of life service right after cremation. We can offer embalming and a rented casket prior to cremation services for those desiring to have a public viewing with visitation. Let us know what makes sense for your circumstances, and we will do what we can to support you.

Cremation can be extremely beneficial to those who are budget conscious as many expenses can be passed over in this process. Many choose not to embalm the remains or have a viewing before cremation. Without the need of purchasing cemetery plots, burial vaults, and caskets, this option can definitely help the bottom line because fewer services and goods are used.

Lastly, traditional funeral services are also supported by our company. Our emphasis on keeping your out-of-pocket expenses very transparent and very low is so appreciated by our clients. You can have a beautiful service without incurring huge costs.

On-site Crematory, Worry-Free Process
When you entrust us with the care and keeping of your loved one for their final disposition, we take this responsibility very seriously. Our Cremation Integrity Guarantee is not just a string of nice words– we mean to take care of your loved one as carefully as if they were our own.

We utilize a careful dual numerical ID system with both wristbands and a brass ID with the remains. We have an open-door policy. We stay as transparent as possible in the process. All of our cremations are supervised by licensed funeral directors. Your loved one will not leave our crematory until we return their ashes to you.


When you call us for a funeral home and cremations in Independence, MO, we will bring your loved one into our care right away. We offer this transport as part of our service, within up to 30 miles of our facility. Once we bring the deceased to our facility, we handle necessary legal paperwork such as obtaining permits and setting the death certificate filing in order. After that, we will work with you on the timeline for your needs and services.

Arrangements Can Be Simple
We have done what we can to take the complex parts out of the process when making these arrangements. We have forms and checklists to help you collect all of the vital information needed so we can take care of all of the legal documents and the notification of death to social security, veterans affairs, etc.

We also have an easy-to-use obituary worksheet to help you craft a meaningful tribute to your loved one. We can help with suggestions for creating tasteful services to honor your loved one if there is a desire for some type of gathering to bring closure to the bereaved. We greatly wish to support the grieving with affordable, tasteful options to say goodbye to your loved one.

Available 24/7

If your need is immediate, we can help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply call us at the facility closest to you, and we will take care of everything. For funeral home and cremations in Independence, MO, Heartland Cremation & Burial Society is ready to help you.

Funeral & Cremation

How much is cremation?

The total cost is $1,100 for a direct cremation. There are smaller cities, on the other hand, which offer direct cremations for less than five hundred dollars. With this broad cost range, before making a decision, it is important to do your research and get a few quotes. Learn More.

What does a simple cremation cost?

A basic cremation can cost between $800 and $3,000 or more depending on the city you live in, the funeral home you choose, and whether or not there will be a viewing or visitation beforehand. This cost can increase fast when adding things like a memorial, flowers, music, and expensive cremation caskets or urns. Learn More.

Do you still have a funeral if you are cremated?

Yes, you can. Some choose to set up a typical funeral or memorial service to demonstrate how much a family member means. If you’re wondering if you can have a funeral or cremation memorial service. Learn More.