Low-Cost Funeral Home and Cremations in Kansas City, MO

Heartland Cremation & Burial Society is a funeral home and cremations in Kansas City, MO. In 2001, Heartland Cremation & Burial Society made its first home in a beautiful funeral home in Raytown, Missouri. With the addition of a crematory, Heartland Cremation & Burial Society became the first Cremation Society to own and operate its own, on-site, crematory in Kansas City, MO. When you work with us, our dedicated team will make sure that your loved one will be in safe hands all the time. Call us at (816) 702-8282 or you may visit us at 1420 NW Vivion Rd, Suite 112 Kansas City, MO 64118.


Though a natural part of life, facing the death of a loved one is never an easy thing to do. Here at Heartland Cremation & Burial Society, we understand in our own way how overwhelming this time might feel for you. We are here to offer help and hope with low-cost options for funeral home and cremations in Kansas City, MO. Our team pays great attention to the details that matter to you.

Our goal is to provide all of the necessary services you might need in a simplified, affordable, and tasteful way. In doing this, we hope to ease just a tiny bit of the overwhelm that you may be experiencing. We offer straightforward options and pricing to support your needs and your budget.

A Family Owned Business With a Lot of Heart
Our small business has grown from a desire to offer alternatives to families who need dignified and affordable options for laying their loved ones to rest. We have been so grateful to have expanded to serve multiple communities because our clients have been so pleased with our offerings.

Originally established in 2001, we began by offering cremation services with the first on-site crematory in the greater Kansas City area. From there, we have filled the needs of hundreds and hundreds of families in several communities at a time when they are facing deep turmoil. We seek to make every encounter with the bereaved heartfelt and compassionate. Your special requests are genuinely our pleasure to fulfill.

Do I Have Options for Funeral Home and Cremations in Kansas City, MO?

The short answer– yes! We have several options ranging from a simple cremation to full funerals.

Our direct cremation service includes:

  • The local transportation of your deceased into our care
  • The securing of necessary permits and documents
  • A cremation container (required by law)
  • A temporary urn
  • The actual cremation itself

Other options can be supported as well. For instance, we can also do a direct cremation with a brief final goodbye for a small group. Others choose to have the cremation and then follow immediately or at a later date with a memorial ceremony. Still, others find that they need to host a public viewing and then have a cremation directly thereafter.

Finally, we also serve families who wish to have a more traditional funeral service but not at the high cost of the funeral industry. You can have a beautiful service without exorbitant price tags. We absolutely support you and honor the budget you set for the ceremony.

Why Cremation?
Cremation has become a more common choice over the years. There are likely lots of reasons for this. A few we have heard are:

  • The clients desire their dead to return to earth more naturally– without unnatural casketing and burial vaults that take a very long time to break down.
  • The costs of traditional services are too expensive, or not a place the family wishes to utilize their resources.
  • There is a desire to scatter the remains in a particular place or to keep the remains nearby. Either can be comforting to the family.

Cremation has become more acceptable in religious circles as well. However, if you have concerns about your religious practices and cremation, please talk with us about them. We want to understand and honor your traditions and beliefs and won’t seek to persuade you otherwise.

Our Worry-Free Guarantee
The responsibility we feel when we are entrusted with someone’s deceased loved one is enormous. When we are contacted to provide funeral home and cremations services in Kansas City, MO, we immediately move into action. Within 30 miles of our facility, we will come to take your deceased into our care and keeping. From here, we obtain necessary permits and paperwork as required by law.

If cremation is chosen, we carefully follow all of the regulations for a dignified and safe process. The deceased’s privacy is carefully maintained, and our rigorous identification protocols help ensure there are no mistakes. Each of our cremations is handled under the direction of our licensed funeral directors. We seek to have as transparent a process as possible.

Because our crematory is part of our facility, we can offer the additional peace of mind that your deceased will not leave our care for third-party services. We handle each step of the process on-site and return the ashes to you at a scheduled time. You can trust us to handle your loved one’s remains with the highest of care.

Available at a Moment’s Notice

If you are looking for services for funeral home and cremations in Kansas City, MO, reach out to Heartland Cremation & Burial Society. We are ready to support you through this tender time of transition and help you create the arrangements you seek.

Do I Have Options for Funeral Home and Cremations in Kansas City, MO?

Why do we have funerals when someone dies?

Popular secular reasons for funerals include grieving the deceased, honoring their lives, and providing comfort and compassion to the bereaved; in addition, funerals may have religious elements that are meant to help the soul of the deceased enter the afterlife, regeneration or rebirth. Learn More.

How much does a funeral headstone cost?

The estimated cost of a regular flat headstone is around $1,000. But more detailed, upright headstones will cost between $1,000 and $3,000, as you can see with this granite headstone and another one at a higher price point. Learn More.

Do you have clothes on when you are cremated?

Many funeral homes have a stock of underwear on hand to preserve the modesty of the deceased and will still have cosmetics available. If the deceased enters a funeral home wearing jewelry, it is normal practice for the deceased to either stay with the body or be offered to the family/person making arrangements. Learn More.