Celebrating the Anniversary of a Loved One’s Death

Right after a loved one dies, one of the funeral homes in Kansas City, MO will be able to help you and your family celebrate their life. You can put together funeral services to say your goodbyes to your loved one while simultaneously celebrating everything that made them such a special person. But in the years to come, you and your family will need to work on coming up with ways to celebrate the anniversary of your loved one’s death. Check out some ways that you can do it below.

Hold special services for them.

You and your family might not be able to hold special services for your loved one every single year. But you should try to do it on every milestone anniversary of your loved one’s death. It can almost be like you’re holding Kansas City, MO funeral services for them again. You and your family can hold formal services for your loved one in a church if you would like, or you can keep the services on the informal side and have them at home with your family members and friends.

Visit their gravesite or the place where you scattered their remains.

On a normal year, you and your family might not be up for holding special services for your loved one to celebrate the anniversary of their death. But you still might want to go as far as to visit their gravesite or the place where you scattered their cremated remains. This is an effective way to maintain your connection to your loved one even though they might not be around in the physical form anymore.

Get together for family meals.

If your loved one was still around now, they would want to see you and your family getting together on a regular basis to spend time with one another in the same place. So why not honor them by getting together for family meals to mark the anniversary of their death? Your loved one will definitely be looking down on your family and smiling when you take this approach to paying tribute to them in the years following their death.

Use old photographs of them to share their stories.


If your family was blessed enough to be able to keep a bunch of old photographs of your loved one after their death, you should try to put them to good use at least once each year. You and your family should come together on the anniversary of their death and go through these photographs. You should also share stories about your loved one while you’re looking through them. You’ll enjoy a lot of laughs (and maybe a few years) while you’re working your way through this exercise.

Would your family like to get some more ideas on celebrating the anniversary of the death of a loved one? Our Kansas City, MO funeral home can provide you with some suggestions. We can also assist all those families who are just starting to make affordable funeral arrangements for their loved ones. Call us today to get the help you need.

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