Jake Allan Radford

Jake Allan Radford, 50, of Columbia passed away February 14, 2007. A memorial service will be 6:00 p.m., Mon. Feb. 19, 2007 at Oak Towers with the Major George Windham officiating. Jake resided at the Salvation Army Harbor House for almost two years before recently moving into Oak Towers. He is survived by a host of relatives and close friends from whose lives his absence will be greatly felt.


  1. Mike on August 3, 2017 at 11:34 am

    My name is Mike McCoy. I am from Kansas and I knew Allan at a young age. He married my mother in the early 80s. My wife found that Allan died and sent me this. I’ve been looking for years to see if he was alive or dead or even where he was.

    I’d like to tell you about Allan. And this will help with my closure.

    In the early 80s … I was a young child. Allan was dating my mother and moved in with us. My mother worked nights leaving me home with Allan.

    He worked as a corrections officer at the time called KSP. He ran the house like it was a prison …. not so much at first but in do time he made it my own prison.

    One night my mother left for work ..

    And this is when my story begins. Allan decided he wanted to molest me. I won’t go into total details … but he molested me while my mother would leave for work. Allan had gave me my own cell … it was a closet. And when I didn’t do as he said … he would lock me in that closet for hours .. he would ask me thru the door … you going to do as I say now? Meaning will I let him touch me like he wanted. And if I didn’t comply he would leave me locked in the closet for hours…. till my mom would come home and then he would let me out .. with his typical message of if you say a word tonight will be worse or I’ll kill you and your mother.

    Allan loved the band Alabama. He would sit naked in the kitchen while he would have me locked in the closet and he would sit and listen to Alabama in the dark room smoking his cigs. He would blow the smoke towards the closet door so I knew he was there.

    He also beat my mother … and when I say beat in talking he wouldn’t stop till he would see blood … and sometimes that didn’t stop him. He would beat my mother so bad she couldn’t leave the house … Allan was also good at beating me. He would beat me if I didn’t do what he said when he molested me. That came later on…. but I took many beatings from him … so many.

    He tried to kill my mother and myself one evening after a drunk night with the boys at the prison. And that’s the night he cut his fingers off when he put his hand thru our window on the door and he searched for us in the house … he passed out do to blood loss.

    My mom took a major beating for that one. And Believe me I got mine as well.

    So … this isn’t even the start .. this man killed my childhood. He took so much from me … He is without a doubt the Devil in flesh. This man should be glad he’s dead … because all I ever wanted as I got older was to meet him one last time. So I could kill him myself….

    He talked about his daughter from Panama. He brought you up .. I know your name and I’ve seen pictures of you when I was a kid. This isn’t your fault … but the truth is. Your father was without a doubt The Devil. I would like to tell you about him… But you may not like what you hear.

    Allan … You killed part of me. You took so much from me. And I Hate everything about you … I just hope no other child came into your path. I pray no other child had to deal with what you did to me. You sick piece of shit. You don’t even deserve death.

    Mike McCoy from Kansas City … remember my name .. Allan took my childhood and still today I suffer.

    The Truth hurts sometimes …

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