Jeffrey Frye

Jeffrey E. Frye, 57, Overland Park, KS passed away January 13, 2010 at Manor Care in Overland Park.  Jeff was born June 21, 1952 in Kansas City, MO to Oscar C. and Virginia M. Frye.  He will be greatly missed by his surviving family and friends.  Services have not been planned at this time.

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  1. Michael Frye on June 24, 2019 at 9:15 pm

    Jeff was my older brother. He dealt with several physical issues during his life – blindness from birth, epilepsy (severe) for most of it. Regardless, he was a gifted, talented, and – despite his handicaps – an independent minded individual. One who I loved and cared for. His end was unfortunate. I still think of him often, and hope – if there is a Heaven – that he is there, and can “see” all the sweet things he deserved.

  2. Michael Frye on June 30, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    Dear Jeff,

    This is Mike again. I am, after 4+ years of personal agony, hopefully near the end. I don’t know, as I am rather agnostic, whether I will see you again. Ever since you passed I continued to think of you, and, as always, wished things could have been different, i.e. better, for you. Your issue came about at birth and was no ones doing, or fault. Mom and Dad cared for you always, as did I.

    I will think of you until I can no more.


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