Shirley Mason

Shirley Mae Mason, 81, died Tuesday, September 22, 2009, at The Groves, Rosewood Center.

Shirley was a retired school teacher. She tutored, home schooled as well as taught in both private and public schools for over 37 years. She had a masters degree in helping the mentally disturbed and learning disabled children. She also was a proof reader for The Restoration Hymnal Committee and for the Book of Mormon Research. In later years she took a course in Science of Graphology. She became a international graphologist and worked for the Kansas City Bureau of Investigation for 10 years. Her expertise in handwriting or brain writing analysis, would hold up in a court of law. Shirley was a member of the Fairview Restoration Branch in Independence. Her strong faith in God and gift of inspired song is known throughout the church as she wrote and sang about her Heavenly Father. Some of her songs were chosen and are sung and used within the Restoration Hymnals. Shirley also had a great love for animals and would take in every stray in need. She gave her life to teaching children and wanted to be remembered only for good. It was her wish that God be given all the praise, honor and glory.

She leaves behind a very close and dear friend, Kathleen Costlow, whom she called “sister” as she had shared Kathleen’s home for over 20 years. This after Shirley lost her only family who preceded her in death, her mother and step-father, Elsie and Clyde McDonald. She then had her church family and was loved by many.

Shirley will be remembered in a loving memorial service in the gym of the Hope Day School now, Living Hope Restoration Branch on Monday, October 19, 2009, at 7 p.m. Also, on October 18 at 4 pm., many of Shirley’s hymns will be sung by “The Restoration Chorale” at the Stone Church. In 1966 Shirley decided to dedicate her body to science for research and study and helping to find a cure for diabetes. She leaves us in love and hope for Zion. In lieu of flowers, any contributions should be given to CPRS (Center Place Restoration School) or the Restoration Chorale/Leo Gussman. You may contact Sharon Evans DPA at 816-650-6702.

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    Count not him among your friends who will retail your privacies to the world.

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