Belinda Diane Marks

Belinda Diane Marks, 57, of Lee’s Summit, MO passed away May 25, 2015 at her home.  Belinda was born January 19, 1958 in Kansas City, MO to Loren and Linda York.  She will be greatly missed by her loving family and host of friends.  Survivors include her husband, Michael; her daughters, Terri and Sandy; her brothers Loren Dale York, Jr. and John Anthony York; her five grandchildren, Bryce, Alex, Gabriel, Haley and Ashlee; and her great grandchild, Kayden.  A memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 1:00 pm at Lee’s Summit Christian Church in Lee’s Summit.

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  1. Terri on June 2, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    Mom- you will be deeply and dearly missed by all of us. We think of you each and every day. I miss your smile, your infectious laughter and your overwhelming love. You have been an amazing mother, grandmother and friend. I only wish we had more time. It went by so fast-but you are in my thoughts every single day. I know you are with Grandma and Grandpa and many others that have gone before you. Until we meet again. I love you!

  2. Dale York on June 4, 2015 at 8:57 am

    Terri had said that if I had any stories about Sissy that they would be interested in hearing them. So I started thinking about stories that included Sissy and realized that she was there 99% of the time from the time I was 1 year old until I was probably 12 years old. During my recent visit she had pointed out a time when I had a large cut on my foot when I was 7 years old that I hadn’t even thought about.
    Sissy and I weren’t even a whole year apart it was 364 days so we spent one day every year being the same age.
    So we: Had chicken pox at the same time, we got all our shots together, we got poison ivy for the first time with my cousin David when we fed the horses, Sissy and David were puffed up like two blow fish with calamine lotion rubbed on them from head to toe laying in front of a fan (back before we had A/C) trying to not scratch it. We had birthdays together, got asked to leave by baby sitters together, we just did a lot of things together when we were young.
    My aunt Sandy tells of the time Sissy and I were 3 and 4 years old, we ended up at a Service Station about a mile from our house looking for a ball field so I could play baseball in the uniform my grandmother gave me. No glove, no ball, no real idea where the ball field was but she tagged along. The gentleman at the service station happened to recognize us and called my aunt and she got a taxi to come up and get us, our first ride in a taxi.
    Once we were with my cousin Terry and were told not to go out to the creek because it had been raining hard. Coming back later carrying our galoshes that had gotten stuck in the mud, the only way to get them out was to pull our feet out so we could grab the tops and pull them out, by that time they were not going to do our feet any good so we just carried them back. Kind of fun walking in that mud bare foot though. (You notice Sissy is the only little girl in these stories.)
    Sissy and I also got our tonsils out at the same time. They figured with the two of us together it would be better (maybe the idea that they got two beds at a better price- I’m just sayin). Well I was not handling the idea too well after what seemed like hours of nurses prodding and poking on us. My parents had left and I think we had been by ourselves for a couple of hours, it was dark outside and these nurses just kept coming in. Finally, one came in to give us a shot in the top of our leg and we were to hold the band – aid and put it on when they were done. That was it, I made it through that but I did not see this getting any better. I told Sissy we need to go and I am calling Mom to come and get us. So I made the phone call and I was very upset I might add. So my Mom asked how Sissy was doing and I looked, and Sissy was not having any issues with this at all, in fact, she told Mom she was OK. That ended my opportunity to get out of there. I mean if your little sister isn’t having problems with this how is it so bad. So the next day we had our tonsils out and Sissy went in first.
    I noticed that same strength about Sissy just a few weeks ago when she said she knew what she had to do and she was going to do it. She faced it the same way she faced those nurses coming in and poking on us when she was 9 years old, she always had that strength.
    I shared a child hood with her and I cannot say that about anyone else.

    On a side note, I shared with our brother Tony that Sissy had gone to heaven to be with our Mom and Dad.
    His response was: “I am going to miss her”
    I said: “She loved you Tony”
    His response was: “I know she did” (pause) “Dale do you think she would want me to take care of all her Michael Jackson stuff that she has all over her house?”
    I said: “I am sure she would” – Just so you know Michael

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