David Charles Flippin

David Charles Flippin: Born October 13, 1953 and then raised in Kansas City, Missouri. David had a lifelong passion for the open road which he parlayed into a carrier in long haul truck driving; retiring from Martin-Rider Trucking in 2015. Recently, he began living with his son, Danny Flippin, in Columbia Missouri. David, sadly, passed away quietly on Sunday, March 5, 2017 at 4:45 pm after a brave and valiant battle with cancer.

Preceding him in death are his mother, Mary Layton, his step-father, Milton Layton, brother Daniel Layton and his loving son, Phillip Flippin. David is survived his son, Brian Daniel (Danny) Flippin, daughter in law, Melissa Moffit-Flippin and their four children – Brianne, Xavier, Emma and Solomon. Son, Robert Allen Flippin and his children Justina, Aryssa and Anakin and Davids’ ex-wife and friend Suzanne Flippin and his daughters – Shana Flippin-Lopez, Kylie Flippin, Billie Joel Flippin-Namanna and their children. David is also survived by his sisters Kathy Flippin and Roni Layton and their children, Mary Andrie and her daughter Becky Bogert.

David was loved and admired by many lifelong friends.


  1. Danny Flippin on March 10, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Even tho you are gone I know you are still here. I smell you when I walk into the house as if you had just walked out of the room. I here your soft voice when the wind blows “I love you I’m in peace.” Even tho you are gone I still ask how is your day how do you feel? I can still hear you say I don’t know Danny Not good I suppose. But you always held your head as high as you could and smiled. Even thou you knew your time was coming you was strong and insisted you could do it. You refused to let this bring you down. I look up to you for this as well as so many other things. Your life had many chapters in it and no matter how one ended you kept going. You was a loving and caring individual worked everyday for your loved ones. You would go without and eat baloney sandwiches for a week if it meant someone in your family had lights or even T.P. I know I no longer have you here physically but I know you will always be in my heart mind and soul. For I have many many memories to consume my thoughts that make me laugh smile and cry. I remember sleeping on the dog house of your cab over semi on our way across the country to deliver a load. To you knocking over construction cones with the crane on the trailer cause I was board and you wanted me to smile.love you daddy forever and always. RIP FLIP 3-9-17

  2. Suzanne Flippin on March 10, 2017 at 9:47 am

    In Remembrance of David Flippin
    These days are hard ones for us all. It is so much easier to mourn in silence as I’ve been doing until now; it takes away the worry of not being able to get my words out. But silence or not, one thing which I am sure of we all either loved David or admired him as a co-worker, as a friend, a loved one,a grandfather, a father, a husband, and a brother. We were all very lucky to have had him in our lives and as much as he will be missed by us all, he will remain with us all, every day, as long as we can remember our own special memory of him. We will all have our own personal and special memories, of the mark he left in our hearts, and in our lives. For me hearing my own thoughts out loud are a little hard, but I try my best to focus on the happiest times he brought, rather than the fact that he is no longer here with us. Yet, I know that he is still here with us, as a very strong presence and spirit.
    David was such a strong person through and through, from character, personality and presence. We have all been touched by him.
    Hearts are broken right now and it’s hard to imagine the depth of our sorrow unless you have also lost a loved one yourself. I wish I had words to comfort my family during this period of grief. But I know that there are none that will take away the deep sorrow they are feeling now. It seems that words are simply useless at this time; however, if you let them in they can comfort you.
    I will always remember what a great provider and father David was for his family. David was always there for Danny whenever he needed him, David was one of the most caring men I have ever known. Everyone could tell how proud David was of his family and in return David knew how important he was to all of them. I know he had a wonderful time living with his son whenever he was in town and then after his retirement these last couple of years bonds were formed between father and son that will be with Danny Flippin always. This is what makes him remain with me personally and I’m glad that I got to be his wife and friend for many many years. I will miss him and continue to LOVE him every day of my life.
    It’s also so comforting to know that you all have your very own, special and private moments that you will cherish and keep close to your hearts.
    We love and miss you David. Go in Peace and walk with our Lord

  3. Emma Flippin on July 21, 2019 at 12:34 am

    Hi grandpa l miss you it’s been tough times without you we all love you it’s been about a year are used to be able to walk in to a room and still smell your scent Solomon says he loves you and misses you you been a great part of this family it was your time and like everybody has to go through it One day it will be my time one day it will be everybody’s time and will see you when we get up there but for now we got a live your life living that’s just the way the universe works everything happened so quickly you were so fun when you want your new room you’re playing with us you are sweet you were loyal and most importantly you loved everybody around you

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  6. Cody flippin on May 12, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    I’ll always remember u waking me up for school and making me breakfast love ya

  7. Roni Kelley on October 13, 2021 at 9:35 am

    As I sit here thinking about how you will celebrate your birthday with our family in heaven I wish I was there. We had a rough life with losses we had to endure. I pray you are at peace you are here in all of our hearts! You walk beside us through all our lives know you will never be forgotten! RIP! Brother

  8. Kathy Flippin on May 1, 2024 at 2:12 am

    I miss you so much I love you want to be with you.love brother love and miss you every day
    One day soon we’ll be together.

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