Esther May Kipp

Esther Miner Kipp (April 17, 1919) went to be with the Lord May 17.  She leaves her husband Norbert Kipp, 2 daughters,  Judy, Elizabeth & husband Tom, grandchildren – Steve (Terisa), Mark (Shelly) Julie (Michael) William, 10 great grandchildren, 6 great, great, grandchildren.
She received Jesus as her Savior in 1970 and was active in Meals on wheels & volunteering at Truman Medical.  She worked at North American Aviation during the war years, went from there to become one of the first key punch operators at KCP&L.
Memorial service will be held at Heartland Chapel, 6113 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, Saturday May 26.  Visitation at 10:00 with service at 11:00.


  1. Don Ripperger on May 22, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Sad but expected news came Thursday, my Aunt Esther, mom’s sister, passed away, the last of the original 4 Charles Miner children. I have fond memories of the family history storyteller, she made my ancestors almost live again. Many a time I sat and listened to her tales as we paged through the picture albums. Not just who they were but how and where they lived, their occupations, whom they married and how they died. I learned about my grandfather Charles Miner through Aunt Esther. Thrilling tales of Uncle John’s life on a homestead, of unbelievable feats of work and danger that seemed a daily occurrence. Who walks 40 miles to get supplies nowadays? Nonchalant telling of relatives or acquaintances being burned with paraffin, being killed in a gas explosion or loosing a limb with dynamite blowing stumps out of the road, but the part I liked best was the telling of their childhood tales and the gales of laughter as she relived their experiences in her mind. Oinky the pet pig running through the house, hand cranked peach ice cream on a Sunday afternoon, a book of Grammy Miners favorite sayings, Singing favorite hymns as she washed dishes, Aunt Esther running out front of their old car at intersections in the road because my mother couldn’t operate the clutch without it dying so they just slowed down near the corners, Aunt Esther would jump off run ahead to see if it was clear, signal Mom and jump back on the running board as the car chugged around the corner. Sad tales of My Grammy Miner helplessly holding several of her children in her lap as they passed away from something medical science had yet to figure out. But through all the stories was the ever-present bubbly exuberance for life, as with all the Miner females, a regular pied piper cult following of children with always a kind word or gentle hug for anyone struggling with anything. A life filled with, meals on wheels or growing and harvesting 100 tomato plants a year for others in need. I remember standing next to her in the basement as she selected just the right tomato, holding it up, remarking as she worked “Isn’t this a beauty” “Mrs xxxxx would really like this one” or “her son comes to visit her lets give her a extra one to share”. The little paper bags, marked with the peoples names all lined up were proportioned out every week to share with those in church or hand delivered accompanied with a long chat to shut-ins. Aunt Esther was a consummate giver and example for us all. Charles and Julia Miner’s children are now all together at last. My favorite Aunt will be missed.

  2. Don Ripperger on May 22, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    Though only related through marriage (Don’s wife) Aunt Esther felt like my Aunt Esther too.
    Her “Well, bless your heart!” and “Can you believe that?” (those who know her know which words were emphasized!) will always hear those phrases as Aunt Esther’s.
    Welcome Home to the bosom of your family again, Esther, and to your heavenly rewards!

    In Love – Bobbie

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