James Wesley Holsten

James Holsten, 51, Independence, passed away Jan. 19, 2012. Visitation will be at 1:00 pm, service will be at 2:00 pm on January 26, 2012 at Timothy Lutheran Church, 425 NW R D Mize RD, Blue Springs, MO.  James will be greatly missed by his loving family members and friends.


  1. Juan on July 3, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Dear ds,Those were excellent aeilctrs, unlike what the FBI wrote. Thanks very much!I will link them on my post. I do recognize the names Dr. Chazov and Dr. Vartanyan from the first link. They were in the hotseat when the Soviets were jailing dissidents for a fake mental illness called sluggish schizophrenia. The World Psychiatric Association confronted the Soviets about that.Frank the problem is that a casual reader of the FBI report who goes to the book for more information may believe that the scientists named there were duped/used. Actually the Russians seem to have been following the US research. No doubt they spread some propaganda, but is was a very good thing for Russian leaders to be learning about nuclear winter. The FBI paper mostly discredits the FBI. The paper was supposed to educate scientists to be a little careful of their contacts with foreigners at universities, but anyone who knows anything will know this paper is really ignorant, so they won’t listen to the FBI. The paper is patronizing to really smart scientists. The FBI should withdraw this paper and fix it. One of the scientists mentioned- in the book and hinted at in the FBI report, Paul Crutzen, has a Nobel Prize and recently hosted a conference on melting glaciers at the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The FBI puts this white paper out right when Dr. Crutzen is doing that important work.Russian scientists may have to do some propaganda, but they also educate and perhaps influence the leadership. The FBI paper was very crude, and people should complain about it. It’s one thing for Tretyakov to say his conspiracy theory in a journalist’s book, but this nonsense shouldn’t be coming out of an official government agency.It’s right up there with that Russian scholar in a Foreign Ministry think tank who accused Western climate scientists of causing global warming by beaming secret climate weapons at Russia during the fires. We need to spread the word about nuclear winter again because even more countries have the bomb, and they may be a lot more trigger-happy than the Russians.The Russians try to use all those peace movements in a one-sided way, but they don’t really succeed; and a lot of people get educated about the dangers of nuclear war.

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