Mary Grant

Mary F. (Corbin) Grant, born 3/18/1921 passed on 11/21/2015 in OPKS .  Per her wishes, she will be cremated and their will be no services.  She will leave an empty space in all of our hearts.

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  1. Adlin on December 14, 2015 at 7:16 am

    Remembering Dad,I remember you Dad when you were young and so eintusiasthc about lifeYou were always on the go, you worked long hours and still had time to go and help others.Every Saturdays during Winter, you drove to all the soccer matches to follow your favourite team Nimes all over France. Mum and I used to go and watch a movie or go to a Foire Exposition. I remember going to the movies, helping our cousin, we must have watched Gone with the wind and Farewell to the Arms a hundred times.Every Saturdays, during the Summer months, we used to go to Les Arenes in Beziers and watch anything that was appearing there. We’ve seen anything under the sun from Holiday On Ice, synchronised swimming to the Harlem Globe Trotters Jacques Brel, Brassens, Barbara, Becaud, etc.Hey Dad, you were so switched on with regard to scientific works, world and current affairs, you worked it all out. Thanks for that.Music was one of your passion, you loved Stephane Grapelli, Django, the gypsy as well as the accordion listening to that special emission on radio on an early Sunday morning.You were always cracking a joke, you were so funny and had a way with talking with people especially with the ladies got you into trouble a few times too -I knew I had you wrapped around my little fingers every time I entered the room your face lit up I used to ask you time and time again to recite me the poem in Spanish,(even towards the end you still remembered it )- Nina, sabes que eres linda You were so expressive and your Spanish was so good. You were truly gifted. Dad, your stamina was incredible, you were so fit, cycling for hours with your friends. Then I remember how your world started stumbling down gave up.Years passed, I remember getting up early one morning to go to the toilet, I could see the light in the kitchen and I heard you saying how you were going mad and crying and it was then that you decided to let it all go. That haunted me for years.I remember coming into the hospital room, having to tell you that your son had died and that he had not gone fishing as you had been told, you were so heartbroken, how you insisted to come to the funeral. You arrived with the ambulance, looking so lost you were so devasted and there was nothing I could do to allievate the pain. You left with the ambulance, on your own again. I wondered what you must have been thinking.A couple of years later, I came to say good bye to you on my way to the airport, I could hear you moving about in your bed we did not talk just looked at each other and we both knew that I would not see you alive again. It was so so hard to leave.Calling the Hospital in the Emergency, for a second time, Dad you waited for me to call. I know that, the Doctor was in the room and said: Your father just died now. I felt your spirit.I love you so much. Thanks for being such a good Dad.

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