Melba Charlene Bush

Charlene Bush, 82, Independence, passed away November 13, at The Groves. A visitation will be held from 1-2 PM followed by a memorial service at 2 on Friday, Nov. 20, 2015, at Heartland 6113 Blue Ridge Blvd., Raytown, Mo 64133.

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  1. Bilge on December 14, 2015 at 6:57 am

    I failed to meitnon above that I completely lost myself after spending a lifetime trying to please others living for others. I finally heard my soul after meeting a soul friend. Together we took turns diving down into the sores the dark spots the lonely spots to find where we had left our inner child. We held the ropes as each dove down into the murky darkness and brought back one pearl at a time. Each time learning more things about ourselves and gathering new tools. We crawled into our private caves and listened to the stillness we had to pull away from almost everyone except our families. We somehow did this while being a wife mother daughter. But we had to feel the feeling we had resisted when we disappointed others as we twisted in our cocoons. One day on a trip to Florida after spending 2 days alone with without our roles mom .wife daughter we discovered that there was no one else there. We wanted to run back into those roles. We were scared to death to feel the loneliness. We realized we didn’t have a just ME .We had to go to the place we had resisted our entire lives we had to face being selfish . We learned that there is a balance between selfish and selfless and the only way to find it was to allow the pendulum to swing back and forth. It was not easy it was not without pain it was not without loneliness but we did discover this beautiful child. She was very dirty lonely sad mad frustrated (the ego part) but she was also very loving patient tender delicate creative funny joyful peaceful (the spirit part(. When we embraced this precious child we asked for her forgiveness we knew we had lost her somewhere along the way. But we had found her and we would not leave her again There are days that we forget to put her on top of our awareness she forgives for she knows we are learning. But we come back and back and each time we re-member how precious she is. She has given much .she allows us to see through her eyes I see and feel the blue skies and warm bright sun the flowers birds bees colors .people love ones I taste more deeply I hear more clearly. She gave me a whole way of looking at the world of feeling the world. She gave me ME. We are joining as ONE and in that ONENESS I am connecting more deeply with others. Thank you for these wonderful words. You are touching others where they so want to be touched the heart .the soul the spirit the mind the body. Thank you and blessing to you!

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