Nancy Ann Starrett

Nancy Ann Starrett, 63, of Blue Springs, MO passed away January 9, 2023 at home from cancer. Memorial services will be held in Milwaukee at a future date. 

Nancy was born July 30, 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nancy worked in insurance as an adult educator. She volunteered to join many organizations that were aiding in the battle against cancer. 

She was preceded in death by: mother, Eleanor Tobolski and father, Edward Tobolski. 

Survivors include: brother, Thomas Tobolski and her sister, Kathryn Haushalter. 

Memorial contributions are suggested to: the cancer society. 


  1. Jen Blalock on May 14, 2023 at 7:07 am

    As I sit here trying to think about what to write, or if I should write, I think, what would Nancy say? She’d say something like, ‘Don’t worry about it. If you feel like writing then write but not a big deal”. Because that was (I hate ‘was’) Nancy. She always made other comfortable.

    When Nancy first married my brother, we weren’t close at all. She was a career woman who knew how to dress, fix her hair, etc. and I was a mother of two toddlers who wore jeans and flannels most of the time and managed to get a shower in every day. It was many many years later when we became friends who emailed every single day and checked on each other if we didn’t at least send a note. A funny friendship I know, but it worked for us. We also saw each other in person, of course. Nancy was always there for me. I never had to ask. In fact sometimes I would tell her “no” but she’d show up anyway. She’s helped me clean, pack and unpack when we moved (WHO does that?) and of course, did more work than I did. Our mantra, after she left and we couldn’t find things was, “Da**it, Nancy, where did you put that? “. She came with me to the hospital every single day when I was a day patient in Denver. She showed up after I was an inpatient at the hospital and cooked and cleaned for us and SHE was undergoing chemo for her cancer at that time. I mean, C’MON!

    We also had lots of fun together with our respective husbands, Gary, my brother, and my husband Richard. We went to Italy together where we drank lots of wine and ate lots of gelato. And to Puerto Vallarta, where we laid in the sun, swam in the pool, and drank bloody mary’s at 10 am sharp! We were planning on going on a girl’s trip this spring to celebrate but, of course, someone (God?) had other plans. I hate that.

    I, along with Tressa and Chad, was privileged to be with Nancy as she was passing. Even then she was thinking about others. We chatted about her life and ALL of the things she had (I hate ‘had’) done in her life. All the travel, volunteer work, trips with Tressa and Chad. She had actually done more than I even knew about. I mean, what a great life! It just ended too soon, da**it.

    So now I live my life with WWND, what would Nancy do? She’s not here to help me find something to wear to her memorial do. She’s not here to give her opinion on a swimsuit for this summer. She’s not here to complain about our husbands or to make plans for a trip. So I talk to her in my head (or sometimes outloud). She was my best friend and I miss her I hope she’s up there gallivanting around with her mom and aunt but we miss her here. ?????

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