Norma Lee Perrin

Norma Lee Perrin, 85, of Jefferson City, passed away October 26, 2012.  Norma was born on November 1, 1926 to Vivian and Opal (Wolfe) Kindred.  Norma was loved by her family and friends, all of who will truly miss her.


  1. Kristi Perrin Jackson on July 6, 2023 at 11:03 am

    Mom I talk to you every day as your ashes sit atop my tall chest of drawers….now you are much taller as you always wanted to be. I miss you and Daddy so much and I’m certain Tommy does too. I don’t live in the Central Missouri area any longer and I live in a house in the country in a small county and a house that doesn’t have a basement and I know you wouldn’t like that, I prefer to not have that as well, but it’s probably where I will live the rest of my life. Daddy misses you too I’m sure as I miss Daddy so very much as I do you. You both were the BEST parents a kid could have and Tommy and I were very lucky. You raised us with superb morals and educated us on the way to live the best life, and I am trying to follow that in every way at every chance.

    Wanted to leave this note so you know that you and Daddy would have been Great Grandparents…or will be about September or October I believe…Brittany was finally able to conceive and she had many issues for quite some time. Now also I’m sending this to you because Tommy needs yours and Daddy’s prayers and focus to make sure he lives through his heart surgery so he can see his day to become a new Grandpa for the first time….Please pray for Brittany….I know you and Daddy are in Heaven and you our fastest resource to God and with our prayers and yours….Brittany will become a great Mom and as talented at that as she is at her business career…..Daddy especially would be so proud because she too achieved a Masters Degree and she has a very great life in Eugene and I know Daddy would love thats where she resides as he loved Oregon when he was there briefly before he went over to the Philippines in WWII. She has made more of her life than any of us have I would imagine….she has worked hard and she deserves it and of course Tommy and Sandy are allowed to be quite proud.

    Love and Miss you Mom & Dad….and you both are in the same burial gardens in front of the Broadway Christian Church as you wanted to be. I’ve tried so hard to do as you wanted and I hope one day I will get to go to heaven and see your spirit and be able to communicate a little bit closer to you than now here on earth!

    Your Baby Girl,

    Kristi Perrin Jackson

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