Phillip Joseph Dearing

Phillip Joseph Dearing, 59 of Independence, MO passed away Sunday, May 31, 2015 at Kansas University Medical Center.  He was surrounded by his immediate family, wife Christine, mother Mary Gant Newquist, brother Mark Dearing, sister Peggy Manes and nephew Robert Billue and the loving and caring staff at KU.

He was born February 2, 1956 to parents Bill Dearing and Mary Jones.  He served with honors in the United States Navy from 1975 until 1980, when he returned home to help with family matters.  He worked 30 years for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service – KC (formerly the Marine Corps Finance Center) where he retired in August of 2008.  There he provided computer and telecommunications support for the entire organization.  He was a honorable man, very loving and had a great sense of humor. Politics and music were his passions, but family was always his top priority.  His bear hugs and hearty laugh will be sorely missed.

He is also survived by his step-father, Peter Newquist, nephews Adam and Eric Manes, stepson Philip Trendell and stepdaughter Becky Trendell.

Memorial services will be privately held.

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  1. Anouch on June 3, 2015 at 12:50 am

    My sincere condolences to your family during this difficult time. I want to also share a scripture that has strengthened me when I lost loved one. I pray it soothe the pain you are experiencing, and give you strength to continue to cope. Isaiah 41:10 “Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not gaze about, for I am your God. I will fortify you.” For more similar comforting verses, i encourage you to visit the website.

  2. Kerry Joyce on June 16, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    I would like to extend my condolences to Phil’s family and loved ones at this sad time. A truly unique and special individual has left us.

    What a great friend Phil was to me and to so many of his shipmates on the USS Albert David. Phil was highly regarded for his knowledge, dedication, and professionalism, for his pride and love of country and for his role as a shipboard radioman in the United States Navy.

    Phil was one of the most well known and well liked sailors on our ship; a great shipmate and friend, highly valued and trusted by the officers and seniors NCO’s he worked for as well his peers and the people he supervised.

    Playing his guitar, Phil’s personality could fill a room without making anyone else feel crowded out. He is remembered with great fondness appreciation and respect by his many shipmates.

    Phil met adversity with an incredible sense of humor and when fortune smiled on him he smiled back with an enthusiasm that was contagious.

    His greatest joy was his wife Chris.

    Farewell old friend.

  3. Lonnie Hanson on June 17, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    Our most sincere condolences go out to the friends and family of Phil. I, too, was stationed with Phil those many years ago on USS Albert David.

    I was a pretty good friend of Phil’s. Like Kerry, we would stand duty together, go on liberty together. The thing I remember most about Phil was his unique view of the world we lived in back then. His sense of humor carried me through some tough times and I, often, looked to him for guidance and counsel.

    Fair winds and following seas my friend. I am forever honored and proud to be able to call you shipmate.

  4. Charles (Chuck) Laramie on June 18, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    To Phil’s Family,

    Please except my deepest sympathies. Phil and I were shipmates on the USS Albert David, and I wanted you to know that even after all of these years, Phil still crossed my mind an lived in my memory. He was an unforgettable guy and kept us laughing through many extended weeks at sea. I will continue to remember him. Again I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. Ray Blackburn on June 26, 2015 at 9:44 am

    Rest in Peace Phil

    We had some good times on the AD and I will remember them always just as I still remember Barry Soetoro and everything he told us in Honolulu

    It was just as I had told you, “The only hard part of growing old is seeing your friends die before you do”

    For me it is not as hard as I still remember a time before I was born until now so all pf the memories still live on for me

    I will always remember the old 60 Buick you had that I had to cram into park as a way to stop at that red light after the brakes failed including the parking brake

    Also how I showed you we could get it rolling up to 30mph as a way to jump start it when the starter failed even when it had an automatic transmission

    Memories of your Edward G Robinson imitations always come to mind and give me a laugh some days

    I still remember the time I asked, Did that sign say 20mph? as I took the exit going 65mph in my 72 Firebird and you guys saying you saw your life flash before your eyes after I stopped at the red light after that

    I still remember all the camping trips we went on in the mountains and even telling some of the guys something fun to do was camping with them asking, What’s a camping? is that like snipe hunting LOL

    Lots of good memories such as those never die for me and so neither did you and you will live forever in my mind of good memories and lots of fun

    Condolences to all of your loved ones who suffered from the loss of a great man and I hope you live in their memories for the rest of their lives also just as you will for me

    Rest in Peace Phil

  6. Johnny Bond on February 19, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Phil was one great man I knew he stood for justice in the american way, He was my best friend and educate me on how the government and politics work.

    May God bless Dearing Family Phil is in heaven now.

  7. Terry Reed RMC Retired. on April 19, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Phil was one of my best petty officers. He was very reliable and a great shipmate. His sense of humor was fantastic. God’s laughing with Phil now.

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