3 Reasons to Plan Your Own Cremation and Memorial Service

Not many people like to think about the day they will pass away, as the very thought might invoke feelings of sadness and regret. In fact, the majority of US individuals fail to make cremation and memorial arrangements, which means that when they finally do pass away, their family members are tasked with the responsibility. While this happens quite commonly, the fact is that you know yourself better than anyone else, and you might be the best candidate for planning your own cremation and memorial service.

There are many positive benefits to pre-planning your cremation. Here are three reasons you should take into the responsibility into consideration.

  1. Pre-planning will help out your family
    Your family will miss you tremendously when you’re gone, and pre-planning your cremation will relieve them of having to make decisions during a very difficult time. Take your family’s feelings into consideration, and know that pre-planning will allow them to spend time mourning, and take better care of themselves following your passing.
  2. You can make sure your wishes are being honored
    Have you ever thought about the songs you might want played during your memorial service? Would you like your family to celebrate your life through a fun memorial celebration rather than have them sit through a sad, dreary traditional memorial service? Make the arrangements you feel comfortable with, and relieve your family of having to try and figure out what you would have liked best.
  3. Save your family money
    While you’re alive, you can take the time to shop around for cost-effective cremation providers who can offer you the services you want. Sometimes, when families grieve, they often have difficulty making the right choices and might even lack the strength to shop around for the best deal on cremation and memorial services. Save your family both the time and money by making arrangements in advance.

For more information on cremation services, please contact Heartland Cremation. With four generations of experience in the funeral and cremation business, we provide the Kansas City area with simple, worry-free cremation services that will treat your loved one with all the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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