4 Places to Display Remains After Cremation Services

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Has your family decided that you would like to display a loved one’s remains in your home following their upcoming cremation services in Kansas City, MO? If that’s your plan, you should put some serious thought into where exactly you’re going to display them. You’re welcome to do it in almost any part of your house, but it’ll be up to you to pick out the perfect place to strategically position them. Find out about several of the best options you’ll have below.

On the fireplace mantel in your living room

Would you like to feel your loved one’s presence when you and your family are hanging out together? Then what better place to put their remains after their Kansas City, MO cremation than on the fireplace mantel in your living room? Every time that you and your family are in your living room, you’ll feel like your loved one is right there with you, even if they’re not around in the physical form anymore. Putting a person’s remains on a fireplace mantel is one of the best places that you can put them as long as you know you’ll be able to keep them safe there.

In the hutch in your dining room

Does the idea of keeping your loved one’s remains out in the open send shivers down your spine? If so, you should know that you’re also free to tuck them away in a hutch somewhere. More specifically, you might want to find a place for them in a hutch that is located in your dining room. This will be another fantastic place to put a loved one’s remains following their cremation since it’s a place where you and your family will gather in the years to come. Your loved one can continue to be a part of these celebrations even though they aren’t around anymore to attend them.

On a table in your foyer

Are you interested in potentially seeing your loved one’s remains every time that you walk in and out of your house? If this sounds appealing to you, then you might want to have their remains put onto a table that you keep right in the foyer of your house. You and your family will be greeted by your loved one’s remains whenever you walk into your house. You’ll also get the opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one’s remains whenever you walk out of your house. Putting your loved one’s remains in your foyer might not be a great option if you have kids and/or pets that could knock them over. But otherwise, it could be a great choice.

On the dresser in your bedroom

Do you want to put your loved one’s remains on display without having them in one of the main areas of your house?cremation services in Kansas City MO Then you should consider sticking them on the dresser in your bedroom. This will give you immediate access to the remains all the time and keep them in your line of vision without subjecting any guests who visit your home to them. This would be a good place to put a loved one’s remains if you want to keep the display that you create for them private.

Before you put too much thought into where you’re going to put a loved one’s remains, you’ll need to hold a cremation for them. Our funeral home specializes in carrying out Kansas City, MO cremations and can see to it that your loved one’s cremation services goes off without a hitch. Give us a call today to start gathering the information you’ll need to cremate a loved one.

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