5 Creative Ways to Make a Photographic Memorial

One of the best ways to remember and memorialize your loved ones after they’ve passed is through photographs. Photographs can invoke happy, special memories of your loved ones and of the experiences you may have shared together. In fact, keeping photos of your loved ones around can help make sure that they are never forgotten, and is a great way to ensure that their memory lives on for years to come.

Here are five creative ways to make a photographic memorial of those who have passed.

  1. Glass jars or bottlesInstead of placing a photograph of your loved one in a traditional picture frame, place their photo in a clear glass jar or bottle and display on your mantle. You can also place a dried flower, small toy, or other memento in the jar with the photo for aesthetic purposes. Displaying your loved one’s photo in this manner can help prevent it from being exposed to dust and normal wear and tear.
  2. Digital scrapbookingGone are the days of taking photos with cameras and sending off film to be developed at the nearest drugstore. Today, most of us take photos using our smartphones, digital cameras, and webcams. Compile all your digital photos, then use a digital scrapbooking service such as those offered by Smilebox or Shutterfly to display your photos that can be accessed by friends and family members online.
  3. CollageEither take the physical copies of photos you have and insert them into a collage-style picture frame, or use digital photos to make a collage using a service such as Snapfish. Sites such as Snapfish and CropMom allow you to compile multiple photos into one, high-quality image that can then be ordered in print, or downloaded as a file that can be shared with friends and family members.
  4. Permanent digital memorialIf your friends and family members live scattered across the country, create a permanent digital memorial that can be viewed online. You can upload photos of your loved one and design a memorial in a format similar to scrapbooking. Some sites, such as Forever Missed, may charge a small fee, which could be worth it if you want to forever memorialize your loved one online.
  5. Physical photo albums and productsIf you want one or more photos of your loved one turned into a physical product, you can do so using services such as Shutterfly. You can turn photos into coffee mugs, pillows, coasters, and a number of other household items and keepsakes. You can also turn all your digital photos into an actual physical photo album, if you prefer the old-fashioned way of reminiscing and sharing your favorite memories about your loved ones.

At Heartland Cremation, we are devoted to providing you with a simple and dignified way to remember and honor your loved one. Heartland Cremation offers a comfortable and uncomplicated experience when it comes to arranging cremation and funeral services. With four generations of experience in the cremation business, we currently serve the greater Kansas City region and surrounding areas.

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