5 Things You Should Know About Cremation Providers and Funeral Homes

Whether you’re in the process of pre-planning your own cremation or funeral, or making arrangements for a loved one, dealing with cremation providers and funeral homes can sometimes be overwhelming. In addition to having to plan a memorial service or viewing, you may also be tasked with having to choose an urn or casket. Plus, you may have to spend extra time reviewing the fees and services associated with the type of cremation or funeral package you have chosen.

Planning a cremation or funeral can be much easier and far less burdensome if you become more familiar with some of the ins and outs of the funeral industry. Here are five things you should know when it comes to dealing with cremation providers and funeral homes.

  1. You don’t always necessarily have to prepay for a cremation or funeral When planning your own cremation or funeral, you don’t always necessarily need to pay upfront for services. Some cremation providers and funeral directors will work with you on making arrangements in advance without requiring upfront payment. On the other hand, if you’re working with a funeral agent, keep in mind that they may try to upsell you for the sake of collecting a commission. Make sure you fully understand all terms before agreeing to pay upfront for cremation or a funeral.
  2. The owners aren’t always at the funeral home Many funeral homes across the United States have been purchased by corporate conglomerates, so it’s possible that the people whose names are attached to the cremation provider or funeral home aren’t always inside.
  3. You don’t always need to use the facility for memorial services Many providers include the use of their facilities for memorial services and viewings in their cremation and funeral packages. However, you’re not required to hold the visitation or memorial service at the funeral home. Instead, consider having services at your church, home, or another location that could save money for you and your family.
  4. It’s okay for you to shop around Before settling on a cremation or funeral provider, do research and shop around first. Some cremation providers that are located just outside your town or region will be more than happy to visit you at your home to discuss arrangements, and may even offer worry-free, low-cost services and packages. You’ll also want to work with a provider that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t settle on a specific provider just because they’re closest to you geographically.
  5. Memorial services don’t always have to be dreary and gloomy A memorial service should be about the celebration of the life your loved one lived, and be comfortable enough to inspire friends and family members to share stories about your loved one. Think of a memorial service as a new, final memory you can create about your loved one. For example, if your mother enjoyed gardening, consider having the memorial service in her own personal garden, or at a beautiful community garden.

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