6 Ways to Include Family Members in a Memorial Service

Including your family members in a memorial service following cremation is an ideal way to allow your family to show their love and support for one another after losing a loved one. In most cases, close friends and family members want to become involved in the memorial service so they can contribute to the process of saying good-bye and show respect for the person who has passed. If you’re in charge of planning a memorial service following cremation, there are usually roles for everyone who wants to become involved and participate in the service.

Here are six ways to involve family members and close friends in a memorial service.

  1. Organizing the memorial service Depending on the length and detail of the memorial service, there may be many tasks that need to be pre-planned or organized beforehand. For example, a typical memorial service may involve the ordering and delivery of flowers, readings, music, activities for children during the service, and food service. While immediate family members are usually responsible for making major decisions in regards to the memorial service, don’t hesitate to delegate specific tasks to family members willing to help.
  2. Selecting music If you choose to have your cremation provider host the memorial service for your loved one, they may already have traditional music on hand to play during the ceremony. However, if you are organizing a personal memorial service for your loved one, you may want to choose more uplifting music or your loved one’s favorite songs. If the latter situation applies, put a family member in charge of compiling musical pieces, or ask close friends and family if they want to sing or play an instrument during the service to commemorate your loved one.
  3. Greeting and ushering Have family members greet attendees at the door and pass out programs, or serve as ushers to help people find available seating where appropriate. This type of task could be ideal for those who want to help, but are not willing to speak in front of a large group of people.
  4. Making food preparations In many cases, food and refreshments are often made available during memorial services. Ask a family member whether they’d like to be in charge of food, and have them either cook dishes or make catering arrangements. The person in charge of food could even organize a potluck and ask friends of the family to bring snacks and refreshments.
  5. Choosing readers During a memorial service, there are often several opportunities for readings. If there are several family members willing to read during the service, distribute readings among them, or allow them to read their own selections for the memorial service.
  6. Creating videos or picture boards Most memorial services will feature a photo of your loved one, along with a few keepsakes that represent your loved one’s life and interests. Have a tech-savvy family member create a video montage comprised of photos of your loved one, or have an artistic family member create a picture board. Projects such as these may even include several family members, which can serve as the ideal moment for bonding and grieving with one another.

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