8 Creative Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One


Sometimes you may feel that a memorial or funeral service is just not enough when it comes to fully celebrating the life of your loved one. If your loved one had a special interest, passion, or hobby, then you might be inclined to memorialize your loved one using far more creative means. Perhaps you might already have scattered their cremains, and feel that you’re just not quite ready to say goodbye.


For those of you dedicated to making the memory of your loved one live on for years to come, here are 8 creative ways you can honor and memorialize your loved one following cremation.

1. Write a journal dedicated to your loved one’s memory.
In the journal, write down as much as you can remember about your loved one, including all the fun moments you shared together and their most unique traits that made them a fun, enjoyable, and important individual. Then, share the journal with your loved one’s friends and family members, and encourage them to add their own thoughts and memories.

2. Plant a tree, flower, or garden in the memory of your loved one.
Planting and gardening are ideal ways to memorialize your loved one, especially if they also loved to garden or had a favorite flower, fruit, or vegetable. You can then nurture your plants in honor of your loved one, or sit near your plants while you spend time reflecting or reading your favorite book.

3. Give a gift in the name of your loved one.
Anonymously give gifts in the name of your loved one to friends and family members who will appreciate this gesture the most. Better yet, give gifts that you feel your loved one would have given had they still been alive today.

4. Adopt an animal at a shelter or zoo in your loved one’s name.
Did your loved one appreciate animals and wildlife, or have an affinity for a certain animal? If so, check with organizations in your local area to see if you can donate money to a zoo or animal shelter, or toward supplies that will help support their favorite animals.

5. Donate books in your loved one’s name to a library.
Does your local library system need and accept donations? If so, consider donating books written by your loved one’s favorite author, or books that belong to their favorite genre.

6. Name a star in the sky after your loved one.
Go to www.starregistry.com and name a star in the sky after your loved one. If your star is easily visible from Earth, you can look at that particular star at any moment in time and remember your loved one for years to come.

7. Set up an honorary scholarship in your loved one’s name.
Contact your loved one’s alma mater or favorite university and consult with someone about setting up a scholarship in your loved one’s name. Your donation could help a student pay tuition costs and fees, as well as costs for books and school supplies.

8. Donate a memorial bench that has been inscribed with your loved one’s name.
Did your loved one frequent a particular park or venue? If so, consult with the venue about donating a memorial bench, tree, or other object that will feature your loved one’s name in memoriam.


At Heartland Cremation, we understand that cremation is a simple and worry-free way of remembering and memorializing your loved one, and that is why we will work with you in arranging a simple cremation service. For more information, please contact Heartland Cremation at one of our greater Kansas City area locations.

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