8 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Urns

Shopping for your loved one’s cremation urn can be an emotional experience. Not only may you still be mourning over your loss, but you may also feel pressured in regards to choosing an urn that best memorializes your loved one in an honorable manner. When shopping for an urn, especially on the Internet, there are questions you should ask to make sure that the urn you are purchasing is ideal for the needs of you and your family.

Here are eight questions you should ask when shopping around for a cremation urn:
1. Was the urn made in the United States, or was it imported?
Imported urns can sometimes be lower in quality than those that are produced in the US. Search for online reviews of the urn you are purchasing, and find out where the urn was made before settling on a specific urn and making your purchase.

2. What size is the urn?
Cremation urns will vary in size, shape, and design. Images of urns online can sometimes be deceptive, so make sure you get the dimensions of an urn before making a purchase, especially if you are placing the urn in a columbarium niche. If you have plans to bury your loved one’s urn and cremains, consult with your local funeral home about urn size limitations.

3. How much cremains does the urn hold?

The average urn will hold approximately 200 cubic inches of cremains, and a companion urn that stores two individuals will hold approximately 400 cubic inches. If you are purchasing an urn for an infant or pet, you may require a much smaller urn. Make sure that the urn you are purchasing supports the cremains of your loved one.

4. What is the urn made from?

Depending on what you intend to do with your loved one’s ashes, you may want to choose an urn made from specific material that supports your plans. For example, if you want an eco-friendly cremation, purchase a biodegradable urn made with wood or bamboo. If you plan on keeping the urn on display in your home, you may want to purchase a decorative urn made from more sturdy and durable materials.

5. When will I receive the urn?
If you are ordering from a vendor outside of your local area, find out when the urn will ship, as well as the expected delivery date. Shipping information can be important if you have a memorial service or other event planned and need the urn before a specific date.

6. Can I travel with the urn?
If you plan on traveling with cremains by air, your loved one’s cremains must be placed in a container that can be scanned by airport security. Urns that are made from metal, stone, and granite cannot be scanned and may not be allowed with you on an airplane, whereas most urns made from wood and ceramic can be scanned and allowed onboard.

7. Can the urn be personalized?
Some individuals may want an urn engraved with their loved one’s name, or personalized in a manner that best celebrates the life of their loved one. If you want to personalize an urn, make sure that the urn is fashioned in a way that allows for such.

8. How can cremains be placed into the urn?

Many urns have a panel that can be unscrewed so the cremains can be placed safely and securely inside, whereas metal urns and those made from stone have a stopper through which the cremains can be poured. Before purchasing an urn, verify that the urn is user-friendly, and that it is made in a way that can keep the cremains of your loved secure.

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