A changing society is leading more people to make cremation plans

The Cremation Association of North America reports that more than 40 percent of all funerals now include cremation. That’s a sharp increase from 1960, when a mere three percent of all funerals involved cremation. Several things have led to more people making cremation plans than in years past, and there’s no sign this trend is slowing down any.

The economy has definitely caused more people to consider cremation. Traditional funerals are more expensive because a casket, vault and burial plot are all required. Many families who do not have life insurance or already have limited budgets with which to plan a memorial service are opting for cremation for the cost savings alone.

The Catholic Church had previously been opposed to cremation, but has lightened its stance on the issue in recent years. The Church previously required the body to be present at its final mass, but now allows cremation to take place first as long as a bishop approves. The Church recommends, however, that ashes be buried or placed in an urn rather than scattered or used to make memorial jewelry.

Social views on cremation have been changing outside of the Catholic Church as well. Many families who are separated by distance find it difficult to visit a permanent gravesite, which means that burial in a cemetery is less important than it previously was. The fact that a wake or memorial service can contain traditional elements even when cremation is chosen has led to wider acceptance of this practice than ever before.

Concerns about the availability of land have resulted in many people electing cremation over burial. Many older cemeteries are filling up, and concerns that there may not be enough land available for burials has led people to rethink how their remains will be disposed of once they have passed on.

Although cremation is becoming more widely accepted, it can still be a tough decision for many people. At Heartland Cremation, we offer services and solutions that ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Please contact us today to learn more about the funeral and cremation services we provide throughout the Kansas City region.

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