A Guide to Planning an Ash Scattering Ceremony for a Loved One

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Did your loved one specific request for your family to scatter their cremated remains following their cremation services in Overland Park, KS? Or has your family decided that scattering your loved one’s cremated remains would be the best option after giving it some thought? Either way, you’re welcome to scatter your loved one’s remains if you would like. But before you do it, you should consider staging an ash scattering ceremony for them. Here is a guide on how to go about doing it.

Pick Out The Right Place To Hold An Ash Scattering Ceremony For Your Loved One.

Where exactly do you want to scatter your loved one’s remains in the aftermath of their Overland Park, KS cremation service? You should ask yourself that question and come up with an answer so that you know where their ash scattering ceremony will be held. You can have the ceremony in any number of places, including out at sea, up on a mountain, or even in the middle of a national park. It’ll be up to your family to pick the perfect place to scatter a loved one’s remains.

Decide When You Want Your Loved One’S Ash Scattering Ceremony To Be.

Once you know where your loved one’s ash scattering ceremony is going to be held, you should try to decide when you want it to be. You don’t have to be in any huge hurry to scatter a loved one’s remains. You can scatter them in the days following your loved one’s cremation if you want to, but you can also wait a few weeks or even a few months to do it. You should try to pick a time that will work best for your whole family.

Think About Bringing A Celebrant On Board For Your Loved One’s Ash Scattering Ceremony.

During an ash scattering ceremony, you’re going to work your way through some prayers and readings for your loved one. You’re also going to sing some songs in honor of your loved one. You might even want to go around and share some memories of your loved one. A celebrant can help you keep things moving along. You should consider bringing one on board so that they can play the role of host throughout your loved one’s ash scattering ceremony.

Limit The Number Of People Who Attend Your Loved One’S Ash Scattering Ceremony.

More often than not, you aren’t going to be able to invite a whole bunch of people to an ash-scattering ceremony. This type of ceremony is usually on the smaller side and only includes immediate family members and very close friends of the deceased. With this in mind, you should put together a small guest list for your loved one’s ash scattering ceremony and send invitations to them so that you’re sure they’re able to make it. It’ll guarantee that you get the right people to come out for the ceremony in the end.  cremation service in Overland Park KS

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