Avoid Scattering Cremated Remains in These Places

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Would you like to scatter a loved one’s cremated remains out at sea following their cremation services in Independence, MO? If so, you’re more than welcome to do it! You’re also more than welcome to scatter a loved one’s remains in many national parks and on top of many mountains. But there are some places where you shouldn’t ever attempt to scatter a loved one’s remains. You could get yourself into some trouble if you try to do it. Learn about the places where you shouldn’t scatter a loved one’s remains below.


Since families are allowed to scatter their loved one’s remains out at sea after their Independence, MO cremations, they sometimes think that they’re also allowed to scatter them on the beach. But this is not the case! There are all kinds of health risks that could come along with scattering a person’s remains on the beach. The remains could come into contact with other people, animals, birds, fish, etc. For this reason, scattering a person’s remains on the beach is strictly prohibited in most places. You could face fines and even jail time for ignoring the laws that are in place and scattering a person’s remains on the beach in spite of them.

Lake or river

Although you are permitted to scatter a person’s remains out at sea, that doesn’t mean that you can also scatter them in other bodies of water. The U.S. Coast Guard requires families scattering remains out at sea to go at least three nautical miles off the coast, which just isn’t possible when scattering remains in lakes, rivers, and other forms of water. With this in mind, you should avoid trying to scatter a loved one’s remains in a lake or river. The remains could wash up on shore in no time and do harm to people, pets, and wildlife as a whole.


If your loved one was a diehard fan of a particular sports team, you might want to scatter their remains inside that team’s stadium. It’s not a great idea. Unless that team is holding some kind of special ash scattering event—which some teams have done in the past—you’ll technically be breaking the law by scattering a person’s remains inside a sports stadium. You’ll want to look into finding a different place to scatter your loved one’s remains.


Every year, there are a whole lot of families that try to smuggle their loved one’s remains into Disney World andcremation service in Independence MO other Disney properties so that they can scatter them there. Some of these families get away with doing it. But the vast majority of them get caught and get removed from the premises as a result. They also have to sit back and watch their loved one’s remains get vacuumed up and removed from the property in some cases. No matter how much your loved one may have loved Disney and everything that Disney has to offer to the world, you shouldn’t ever attempt to scatter their remains on a Disney property.

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