Biodegradable Urn Manufacturer Turns Ashes into Trees

Saying a final farewell to your loved one can be difficult as it is, and some families struggle with saying goodbye if they’re faced with burying their loved ones into the ground or scattering their ashes. However, if you’re looking for a way to keep the ashes of your loved one nearby, you can now have your loved one’s ashes placed into a special type of biodegradable urn that turns the ashes into a tree.

A company based out of Barcelona, California called Bios Urn is offering families the opportunity to do just that. Bios Urn develops special types of urns that combine your loved one’s ashes with soil and seed to produce a beautiful, healthy, and thriving tree so you can remember your family member in a natural, sustainable fashion. The company’s objective is to offer families an economic and ecological way to say goodbye while also contributing positively to the environment.

Each urn costs about $145, is 100 percent biodegradable, and is made out of ingredients and materials that include coconut shell, cellulose, and compacted peat. The urn has two compartments; one that contains seeds, and one that stores the ashes. As time passes and the urn breaks down, the ashes and seeds combine and eventually result in a beautiful tree.

Families can use any type of seed in the Bios Urn, or can choose from a number of seeds offered by the manufacturer, including Cypress, Beech, Gingko, Oak, Maple, Ash, and Pine. You can order a Bios Urn directly from the manufacturer’s website. The package includes the urn and any supplies needed to plant the urn into the ground. When the ashes, seeds, and soil are placed into the urn’s designated compartments, the seeds immediately begin the germination process. By the time the urn starts to physically break down, the roots in your soil will be strong enough to withstand being combined with your loved one’s ashes.

The Bios Urn is relatively simple to use, and is to be planted in a location regularly exposed to sunlight. The benefits associated with using the urn include lower overall cost compared to funeral costs (which normally range between $8,000 and $10,000), natural decomposition, sustainability, and an opportunity to contribute to improving the environment. Plus, families and friends can visit the tree at any time to pay respects to their loved ones without having to go out of their way to visit a cemetery.

As cremation continues to grow in popularity throughout Northern America, families can expect to see more green-friendly cremation options that will help them remember their loved ones. Green-friendly cremation is often low in cost, sustainable, and safe for the environment.

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