Burying your Loved One’s Cremains in a Cremation Niche


After your loved one has been cremated, you don’t necessarily need to store your loved one’s cremains in an urn atop your mantle or scatter their ashes at sea. In fact, many families now choose to bury their loved one’s cremains in a cremation niche inside of a columbarium, which is an above-ground resting place similar to a mausoleum.

What is a cremation niche?

A cremation niche is a relatively small, cube-shaped, above-ground burial space in which your loved one’s urn and cremains are placed and stored. Just as with a traditional burial plot in a graveyard, you can visit your loved one’s cremains at their final resting place. In addition to cremains, a cremation niche can hold and display other personal items that memorialize your loved one.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a housing structure that holds cremation niches, and is similar to a mausoleum that houses caskets. Most columbariums in the United States are located indoors so friends and families can visit their loved one’s cremains comfortably even during the most treacherous weather conditions and temperatures; however, some columbariums are located outdoors in areas that have milder climates. Columbariums can generally be found at most mortuaries and cemeteries.

How much is a cremation niche?

A cremation niche in the standard size of 9x9x9 is generally lower in cost when purchased before death, and averages between $750 to $3,000. Those planning a cremation in advance can benefit financially from purchasing a cremation niche early on. However, when purchased at the time of need when one passes, a cremation niche tends to cost between 20% and 25% higher. In most cases, a cremation niche located indoors is usually higher in cost than those located outdoors as a result of having extra accommodations, such as air conditioning and comfortable seating.

Reasons to consider a cremation niche:

  • A cremation niche provides a loved one with a permanent final resting place that friends and family members can visit for years to come. Additionally, a cremation niche is a less costly alternative for those who live in cities such as New York, where cemetery space is usually very limited and high in cost. In some regions of the U.S. such as Louisiana, the water table calls for above-ground burial, so cremation niches and columbariums are becoming increasingly popular.
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