Choosing Cremation Urns to Honor Your Loved Ones

When you lose a loved one, there are many decisions to be made quickly and definitively. Understanding your options for choosing cremation urns may help make the process a little easier.

The first consideration is whether the urn will be displayed, buried, or used temporarily to transport the cremains for scattering. If you wish to display the urn, choose something with a design and style that will help memorialize the individual. Urns come in a variety of products — typically metal, wood, glass or ceramic. Choose one that suggests the qualities or interests of the loved one you wish to remember. You can purchase an urn with motifs such as hunting or fishing, or other appropriate activities. Some urns offer a place to add a photo of the loved one or their family, or you could add a military insignia if appropriate.

If the urn will be buried, a simpler urn will be appropriate since it will not be visible to others.
There are also temporary urns that can be used to transport ashes to burial sites for scattering. Biodegradable urns, which will then return to the earth, are also available for burial purposes.

Decide the size of urn you wish to use. Some columbariums have size restrictions that need to be considered before choosing an urn that will fit. Or you may wish to purchase several smaller urns so family members can share the cremains. These can still be chosen with the above thoughts in mind, or each person can choose an urn that fits with their home decor or suggests memories of their lost family member. Urns can also be engraved or personalized in other ways, perhaps with a poem or small design.

Another idea is to purchase cremation jewelry that can hold a small amount of ashes. Such items can then be given to family members and may be easily carried around at any time. These can also be used to drape around the urn for extra significance.

If you choose your urn with remembrance of your loved one in your mind, you will make a wise decision. Contact us for help in making your choice of urns and for all other cremation and funeral planning. We can advise you when the sorrow and confusion of loss may be all around you, so that difficult decisions will be made without regrets.

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