Choosing the Right Music for a Memorial Service


Music has the ability to express and evoke emotions, and can be an ideal way to memorialize your loved one in the manner they want to be remembered. When planning a memorial service, the music you choose to play could have the ability to stimulate pleasant memories about your loved one in those attending the service, while also allowing them to mourn and grieve in an honorable manner.

The music you choose for a memorial service doesn’t necessarily have to be serious and sullen “funeral” music, but can be energetic and uplifting, or have special significance to your loved one’s life.


Follow some of these tips when you’re faced with selecting music for your loved one’s memorial service and feel unsure about which songs to choose.

  • Choose songs that reflect your loved one’s personality. Were they happy and humorous most times? Were they quiet? Or were they loud and boisterous? When in doubt, choose songs that you feel reflect their personality the best.
  • Choose your loved one’s favorite songs, or songs from their favorite music genre. Those who knew your loved one personally will also be able to connect to and recognize the significance of the songs you choose.
  • Choose music that has great significance to the family’s background and beliefs, if applicable. For example, if your loved one took pride in their Irish heritage, perhaps an Irish jig or melody would be an appropriate way to honor their life.
  • Ask your loved one’s other family members and close friends for song recommendations. It’s possible your loved one could have mentioned a particular song they favored or wanted played at their memorial service.

Some additional tips when preparing for the memorial service:

  • If there is a certain significance or meaning behind a certain song in relation to your loved one, prepare a brief statement to read at the memorial service about that particular song.
  • When choosing a song you’re not completely familiar with, read through the lyrics online to make sure there are no lyrics or words that would be offensive or inappropriate for others attending the memorial service.
  • Make sure that the CD or music outlet you choose is in working order prior to the service to avoid problems with malfunctions during the service.
  • Verify that the music you choose is appropriate in respect to the venue at which the memorial service is being held.

At Heartland Cremation, we understand that cremation is a simple and worry-free way to remember and memorialize your loved one, and that is why we will work with you to plan a simple cremation service. For more information, please contact Heartland Cremation at one of our greater Kansas City area locations.

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