Cleaning a Grave Marker

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Having the responsibility of maintaining a loved one’s gravesite is something you want to take seriously. You do not need to clean it more than every two years, but you do want to know how to do so efficiently and correctly. If you do not know how to maintain the marker, there are some tips that directors of funeral homes in Kansas City, MO want you to remember.

The first thing you want to consider is what shape the marker is in. If you see that it is crumbling or cracking, or that it is flaking, this can mean that it may not be a good idea to undertake any cleaning at all. You also want to look for stability. If the marker moves around, this can be a sign that it is not stable enough to clean.

You also want to have the right tools for the process. You do not want to use anything with very hard bristles and you certainly do not want to use power-washing equipment. You want to be sure that you consider the chemicals you choose for the cleaning. Do not use anything too harsh like bleach, because it can leave stains on the stone. The best choices you have are soap, water, and detergent, with some ammonia if you see algae. Be sure to use soft brushes and sponges.

If the marker is made of marble, you want to ensure you wet it completely with water before you do anything else. Because marble is porous, it can absorb the cleaning solution and that is not what you want. By using water first, you can avoid that issue. If you see algae or any other biological growth, you can add a bit of ammonia to the water and use that, but only if the marker is light in color. If it is dark, ammonia can leave streaks and stains, so use soap instead.

If the marker is made of granite, you want to begin the same way you would if it were made of marble. Do avoid the use of ammonia, however, and use an ounce of mild detergent in five gallons of water for stains and algae. You want to completely rinse the marker after you are done so there is no residue. Avoid cleaning the marker without wetting it first, because that can cause flaking.

These are all things that you want to keep in mind if you are getting ready to clean a grave marker. It can beFuneral home in Kansas City MO important to consider all of the different materials the marker may be made of and what the most efficient cleaning option may be. If you are not sure about how to begin or if you want to learn more about caring for an entire gravesite, you can reach out to a Kansas City, MO funeral home like us. Our team is here to help you with all of the answers you need after the death of a loved one and an affordable services. Call us right now or visit us today.

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