Cremation arrangements: How to write an obituary

There are several tasks involved in making cremation arrangements for a loved one. Writing the obituary is one of them. We at Heartland Cremation & Burial Society recognize that this can be a difficult task. In an effort to ease the process, we’d like to offer the following suggestions for writing obituaries:

On our website you will find an obituary worksheet that may be printed and shared with other family members, so that you can work on completing the obituary together. The worksheet will give you and them a basic outline of the information that is typically included in an obituary.

Oftentimes, the hardest part for families is completing the sections that focus on their loved one’s personal background and memorial contributions. Please know that those sections are optional. Therefore, if you find that it is too emotionally taxing to complete those sections, you can always leave them blank or ask our funeral directors for assistance.

Should you decide to complete the personal background section as a family, we’d suggest that you consider starting the process by focusing on a few of the key aspects that made your loved one so unique. For example, you may want to talk about his or her favorite activities, proudest accomplishments, or most endearing qualities.

If you opt to complete the memorial contributions section as well, you may want to select a charity or charities that were important to your loved one. In many instances, the charity’s contact information and non-profit status may be verified online through Charity Navigator. Our funeral directors can help you with such verification tasks.

Once the obituary is complete, we can submit it to both the print and online publications of your choosing. In addition, we have the capability to post it on our Online Memorial Tribute section.

To learn more about how to write an obituary and the other details involved in making cremation arrangements, please contact us. With four generations of experience in the funeral and cremation field, Heartland Cremation is dedicated to serving your loved one during your time of need with the compassion and respect they deserve. Contact Heartland Cremation to learn more about cremation and funeral services in Macon and Jefferson City.

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