Cremation Jewelry

Memorializing Your Loved One with Jewelry

Who says you have to scatter the cremated ashes of your loved one, or store them in a traditional urn? As cremation becomes increasingly popular in the United States, businesses have found creative ways to help you memorialize your loved one – including jewelry! A number of jewelry businesses and websites specialize in cremation and can work with you on having the ashes of your loved one turned into fashionable and tasteful jewelry pieces. Some companies, such as LifeGem, can even turn some of your loved one’s cremains into a beautiful diamond!

The options for choosing jewelry that houses your loved one’s cremains are nearly endless. Bracelets, rings, key chains, and pendants are available in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and can be made from glass, silver, gold, and other materials. Some individuals choose to memorialize ashes in pendants that reflect their loved one’s interests and hobbies, or even arrange to have a cameo or photograph pendant hand-crafted in their loved one’s honor. For example, if your loved one enjoyed collecting dolphin memorabilia, you can select a necklace pendant in the shape of a dolphin for which to store their cremains.

For those who wish to have cremains turned into diamonds through LifeGem or a similar business, the process for obtaining your jewelry may be lengthier. Because your loved one’s ashes need to be heated and pressurized over time to form a diamond, it may take up to a year before you can see the results. Those who choose this method may also have the option of selecting a specific color or style for the diamond.

Custom jewelry is just one way of honoring the deceased. For more ideas and help choosing the best approach for you and your family, please contact Heartland Cremation at any of our offices. We will be happy to provide you with resources or suggestions for creating a truly meaningful and unique memorial for your loved one.

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