Cremation Keepsakes: Paintings


After you lose a loved one, sometimes it can be comforting to keep their ashes nearby in the form of a keepsake such as an urn, a necklace, and even glass artwork. Now, a new form of keepsake has been growing in popularity that allows friends and family members to memorialize their loved ones by adding their ashes to a painting or portrait.

Cremation artwork, or cremation paintings, allow for a small portion of your loved one’s ashes to be incorporated into the actual paint. To keep the ashes firmly sealed into the painting, the artist will add an earth-friendly compound to the ash-paint mixture that prevents the ashes from separating from the painting. In most cases, the painting is sealed in a custom frame that will maintain the art for years to come.

Those who commission a cremation painting can choose to have the artist paint a portrait of their loved one, or a different image such as their favorite place. Sometimes, friends and family members will choose to have the artist add their loved one’s ashes to an already existing portrait. Some artists are even skilled enough to repair damaged or worn portraits using cremation ashes, which can be preferable to those whose loved one favored a particular painting.

When brainstorming for portrait ideas, think about their favorite hobbies, places, and experiences. You may even want to choose a portrait based on an experience you may have both enjoyed together. Most cremation artists will help you with the brainstorming process and are willing to work with you to create an ideal painting based on your expectations.

Since cremation paintings require the expertise of an experienced cremation artist, you may need to commission such paintings from artists outside your local area. When searching for cremation artists online, be sure to commission services from websites that have legitimate contact information and a positive reputation. An example of a reputable online business that offers cremation paintings is Cremation Solutions. However, the cremation society that handled your loved one’s cremation may also be able to provide you with referrals or recommendations for artists who specialize in cremation art.

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