Cremation Planning: Decisions That Need to be Made When Planning a Loved One’s Memorial


The time after a loved one passes can be difficult and grief filled. This time can be even more stressful for those who have the responsibility of planning the cremation and memorial. Numerous decisions must be made before a service can be held, but many people find they are overwhelmed by the process and do not know where to begin. The following information will help you begin the process of planning your loved one’s funeral and make some important decisions.


Service Venue
One of the first decisions you will need to make is where you would like the service to be held. If your loved one was religious, it may be fitting to hold the service at their church; however, arranging to use the location may take time, which is why you may want to have this be one of the first planning steps you take. Some people also choose to hold the service in a location that was of significance to their loved one. Of course, our chapel is also available to hold your loved one’s memorial.

Viewing of Deceased
Even if you have chosen to have your loved one’s remains cremated, you can still choose to hold a final viewing of the deceased before the cremation takes place. While a viewing can give friends and family closure as it will allow them to view their loved one one last time, many people can find the thought of holding a viewing to be overwhelming, and for this reason they decide against it. If you decide to hold a viewing, you will need to make arrangements for when it will be, who will be allowed to attend, and what attire you would like your loved one to be wearing for the viewing.

Final Resting Spot
Another key decision you will need to make when having your loved one cremated is where you would like their final resting spot to be. Popular options include keeping a loved one’s remains in an urn in your home, burying their remains or entombing them in a mausoleum, having their remains turned into jewelry, or scattering their remains at one of their favorite locations. If your loved one did not specify where they would like their final resting spot to be, you will need to take time to consider this decision. It can help to consult with other family members to discover where they believe your loved one would have liked their remains to rest.


If you are planning a loved one’s memorial and need assistance with some of these decisions, please contact us. We can help you take care of these decisions and provide advice for the planning of your loved one’s memorial.

When it comes to planning the cremation service for your loved one, Heartland Cremation is the business you can trust for all your funeral and cremation needs. Family-owned and operated, we are dedicated to providing your loved one with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve. To learn more about our worry-free cremation services, contact us or visit one of our locations through the greater Kansas City region.

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