Cremation Planning: What To Do With Cremains

Part of cremation planning involves considering where to put the deceased’s remains, which are known as cremains. Because cremains are inert and pose no hazards, you do not have to rush into a decision right away. In fact, you can postpone the final decision so that you can evaluate all the possibilities and choose the option that your loved one would prefer.

You can scatter the cremains on land, sea and air, which is especially appropriate for those who loved the outdoors. Land is the least expensive and most private option. If you scatter on private property, be sure to ask for permission first, and check the laws and regulations for scattering ashes in a public locations. Sea and air ash-scattering services are also available and can be particularly meaningful for family members of veterans.

Using an urn — the option most traditionally associated with cremation — allows burial or entombment in a cemetery or family crypt. Cremains can also be split among several urns, which can then be distributed among several family members. This can be suitable for those whose relatives live far apart, or for those who immigrated from other countries and want to be buried both here and in their homeland. Be sure to confirm that splitting the cremains is allowed by the deceased’s religion.

Services exist that can mix the cremains into a permanent structure. For example, if your loved one enjoyed the ocean or was a scuba diver, his or her ashes can be used to build an artificial reef suitable for fishes and other marine creatures. If you’d rather not don a wet suit to visit the final resting place, ashes can also go into a concrete monument that is set up on your property.

For more information on cremation planning or how we can help you with any final arrangements, please contact Heartland Cremation. We can help provide you with the guidance and planning you need for arranging the cremation of your loved one. Family-owned and operated, Heartland Cremation serves the Kansas City area, including the communities of Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lenexa, and Olathe.

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