Does your cremation services provider follow the FTC “Funeral Rule”?

When you lose a loved one, it can take a heavy emotional toll on the entire family. The costs of a funeral should not add to the emotional burden. But the expenses of a traditional funeral — a burial plot, a headstone, a memorial service — can sometimes create a family financial crisis. Fortunately, cremation services are an affordable alternative.

If your family has never chosen cremation for a deceased family member, you should know that the professionals who will handle your loved one’s remains are governed by “Part 453 Funeral Industry Practices” of the Federal Trade Commission Rules. These rules were established in 1984 to ensure a consumer’s right to pricing information, fair treatment, and service options. And that should help make cremation an easier choice.

The FTC “Funeral Rule” helps establish trust
When a funeral professional follows the FTC guidelines, it sets up an atmosphere that’s open and honest. When you receive the information you need without the hassle, it minimizes the feel of having to negotiate funeral costs and services. It promotes trust, which can help lessen the anxiety your grieving family may feel when arranging a final service for your loved one. It can make you feel confident that you are being treated fairly and with respect at a time when you need it most.

What you need to know
The FTC guidelines governing the cremation industry are commonly known as the “Funeral Rule.” The rules contain the definitions, business practices, and standards of conduct for funeral providers. The guidelines primarily explain the duties associated with traditional funerals, such as embalming and casket prices, but they also include specific requirements for professionals who offer cremation services, such as:

  • Price lists for goods and services
  • Availability of alternative cremation containers
  • A breakdown of what’s included in a cremation package
  • Other important information and details

Information is important
Some bereaved families choose cremation as the affordable choice for a tight budget. Some prefer the simplicity. It allows them to avoid the time and expense of a traditional funeral. Others choose cremation for its green appeal. The choice eliminates the need for caskets, headstones and burial plots, and it’s a simple way to reduce consumerism.

Whatever your reason for choosing cremation services, you should know the basics of the FTC “Funeral Rule,” and choose a provider with those guidelines in mind.

You should know you have options that will allow some control over your decision-making process. That’s important whether a family is on a tight budget or has access to unlimited funds.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about the FTC “Funeral Rule.” Heartland Cremation offers simple and direct cremation services while providing your loved one with the gentle care and dignity they deserve. We have locations through the greater Kansas City region, including Overland Park, Eudora, Columbia, and Jefferson City. Please contact us at Heartland Cremation to learn more about our simple and worry-free cremation services.

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