Eco-Friendly Cremation

People who are environmentally conscious in life are often equally concerned about the environmental impact of their remains after they die. Eco-friendly cremation provides an opportunity to dispose of remains in an manner that will cause as little impact on the ecosystem as possible.

One eco-friendly means of cremation is called resomation. This is a process which basically accelerates the decomposition process of the body. The remains are subject to alkaline hydrolysis treatment, which involves sealing the body in a tube filled with lye and water. The tube is then heated, by steam, to about 300 degrees fahrenheit. It stays this way for 3 hours. When the process is complete, all that’s left of the body are some bone fragments and about 200 gallons of fluid.

The advantage of resomation over traditional cremation is that it uses much less energy. Further, resomation doesn’t release any chemicals into the atmosphere.

Believe it or not, some people even use the liquid remains as fertilizer. People who opt for this use of their remains often feel like they are contributing to the “circle of life,” as their remains are used to grow food for other people.

Another alternative for eco-friendly cremation is to select an eco-friendly urn. In this case, the body is cremated in the traditional manner, but the urn used to hold the ashes is made from wood or another biodegradable material. One environmentally friendly option is to use a biodegradable urn that actually contains the seed of a tree. Once planted in the ground, a tree literally grows from the urn, allowing people to feel that, even in death, they are giving back to the earth.

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