Factors that determine how budget friendly cremation can be

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The family of a deceased loved one is left with many decisions to make. Many people are making the choice to have their loved ones cremated. Cremation offers several advantages over traditional burial, one of which is a affordable. Many different factors help contribute to the budget-friendly of cremation services Kansas City, MO.

Transportation The transportation of the body and/or urn depends on the location at the time of the loved one’s death, the cremation location, and the final destination of where the remains will be laid to rest.

Storage Cremation doesn’t happen immediately. In some states or in cases where autopsies are necessary to determine the cause of death, families have to wait a certain time before cremating. Before cremation can occur, families may also need a coroner’s permission.

Families may also need storage for funeral and wake services. The expenses of a purchased or rented casket for this purpose will add on to the budget of cremation. Families must also pay for body preparation, clothing, room rental and a process called embalming. During the storage process, pacemakers and other implanted devices must be removed prior to a wake/funeral and cremation.

Cremation Process Unless the deceased has physical considerations that are unusual, families typically don’t need to worry about the cremation process having an impact on price.

Remains Placement Where will the cremains go once cremating is over? A storage container such as an urn will add to the price of cremation. Prices for urns range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the type of urn and the material (stone, metal, work, etc.). Personal carvings and decorations will also impact the price of the urn.

cremation service Kansas City MOAt Heartland Cremation, we assure you that your loved one will be well cared for at all times and that they’ll be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our cremation services currently span the Kansas City, Jefferson, and Columbia, MO, regions. Contact Heartland Cremation today to learn more about our cremation and funeral services.

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