Forms to Fill Out as You Plan Cremation Services

Cremation service in Kansas City MO

Do you want to make sure that you’re able to carry out a loved one’s cremation services in Kansas City, MO as quickly as possible? Then you should begin by choosing the right funeral home to help you. They’ll make the cremation process as painless as it can possibly be. You should also make sure that you’re ready to fill out all the forms that will come along with cremating a loved one. Learn about a few of the important forms you’ll need to fill out as you plan cremation services below.

Cremation authorization form

You and your family are going to have to give a funeral home the legal right to conduct a Kansas City, MO cremation for your loved one. You’ll need to do this by filling out what is called a cremation authorization form. This form will let a funeral home know that you would like for them to cremate your loved one. A funeral home isn’t usually going to kickstart the cremation process until the ink has dried on this form. You should try to fill it out almost as soon as you start planning your loved one’s cremation services at a funeral home.

Death certificate form

A funeral home should be equipped to lend a hand when it comes to helping you obtain a death certificate for your loved one. But they will need to rely on you to fill out a form that will enable them to get a death certificate for you. This is another form that you will want to fill out pretty much as soon as you start planning a loved one’s cremation services. It’ll guarantee that you’re able to get a death certificate for your loved one as soon as possible.

Funeral planning form

Even though you’re going to be holding a cremation for your loved one, you shouldn’t let that stop you from holding a funeral for them, too. You should attempt to plan out an entire funeral for your loved one so that you can celebrate their life and say your goodbyes to them. As part of the funeral planning process, a funeral home might ask you to fill out something called a funeral planning form. This form is going to get you and a funeral home on the same page as far as putting together the plans for your loved one’s funeral is concerned.

Payment authorization form

Cremation services in Kansas City MOYou will obviously need to pay a funeral home for carrying out a loved one’s cremation services at some point. To do this, a funeral home will often ask you to fill out a payment authorization form that will give them the authority to swipe your debit or credit card to pay for cremation services. Some funeral homes won’t start helping families plan cremation services until this form has been filled out, so you should make every effort to complete it sooner rather than later.

When families plan Kansas City, MO cremations for their loved ones through our funeral home, we’ll see to it that they fill out all the necessary forms. Contact us today to begin to fill out these forms so that you can get your loved one’s cremation underway.

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