How Eco-Friendly Cremation Benefits the Environment

In our previous post on eco-friendly cremation, we discussed how new cremation techniques can be a better option for those whose loved ones were environmentally conscious. Many people are unclear on the benefits of this alternative method of cremation. The concept behind “green” cremation (which is how many people refer to it) is that many people do not want to further impact the environment after they have passed on.

In the past, traditional cremation seemed a greener option when compared to a traditional burial, as the body does not take up any space in the ground and there is no embalming fluid to seep into the ground. However, traditional cremation can still have a devastating effect on the environment, as the fire from the cremation process releases pollutants into the atmosphere including carbon dioxide, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide and dioxin. A traditional cremation process also uses a vast amount of energy: It is estimated that one traditional cremation requires the same amount of fuel as a car would consume on a 2000-mile road-trip.

The green cremation process has a significantly smaller impact on the environment. In fact, it is estimated that the carbon footprint of the green cremation process is 18 times less than that of fire-based cremation. Green cremation also cuts natural gas usage and carbon dioxide emissions by 90%, and it cuts electricity usage by 66%.
If you have a loved one who recently passed who was an environmentally conscious individual, you may want to consider green cremation as an alternative option. Eco-friendly cremation is a fairly new process; however, due to the low environmental impact that this burial option provides, it can be a great alternative option.

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