How to Create a Unique Cremation Memorial Service


When someone passes, there are a number of difficult decisions to be made. Who will share the news with other friends and family members, who will handle the funeral planning, and how to memorialize your loved one are just a few considerations to be dealt with during this difficult time.

The grieving process is even more burdensome when the deceased did not have life insurance. In these situations, it is common for the family to choose cremation over a traditional funeral.

A common question is how can the family grieve properly when a family member is cremated? There are several ways family members can remember and celebrate a loved one during a cremation memorial service.


The first consideration with cremation is that there will be no casket that your family can visit and say goodbye to their loved one. However, your family can create a unique service to celebrate the deceased. Gail Walls, a contributor to eFuneral Resource Center, explained that when she attended her mother’s traditional funeral service, the grieving process was very taxing. Her family “endured a heavy, sad, and grief-filled funeral service.” Now she helps families celebrate the departed. She suggests holding a Celebration of Life rather than a traditional funeral service. During the Celebration of Life, consider doing the following:

  • Instead of holding the service in a funeral chapel, consider having a gathering in the home of a friend or a loved one.
  • Have a table that is dedicated to honoring the deceased. If you choose, put the ashes on the table. Prominently place the departed’s picture. Create a program that can serve as a keepsake; include a short biography of your loved one rather than an obituary. Design other keepsakes that attendees can take home, such as engraved stones.
  • Play your loved one’s favorite music.
  • Design a video that can include footage and photos of the departed’s life. Play this video on a continuous loop in a section of the home where mourners can come and go.
  • Prepare and serve their favorite food and drinks.
  • Organize a structured time during the celebration that allows mourners to share stories about the deceased.

Holding a celebration of life may make the grieving process easier for you and your family. We know that mourning your loved ones is a painful process and funeral planning does not make this process any easier. We hope that you consider allowing Heartland Cremation and Burial Society help you with your grieving process. At Heartland, we practice “Worry Free”  Cremation Practices and we our known for our low-cost cremation services. Please contact us with any questions about our services.

Heartland Cremation can help provide you with the guidance and planning you need for arranging the cremation of your loved one. Family-owned and operated, Heartland Cremation serves the Kansas City area, including the communities of Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lenexa, and Olathe. Please contact us to discuss your cremation needs today.

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