How to Pre-Plan a Green Cremation and Memorial

Pre-planning a green cremation and memorial service is an act that can lessen the burden for your family at the time of your passing. Not only will pre-planning your cremation relieve some of the stress your family may experience in the days following your passing, but it can help save costs for you and your family, since green cremations are usually less costly and better for the environment than traditional cremations and funeral services.

A green cremation is natural and free of toxic chemicals that would otherwise harm wildlife and the environment. Green cremations are quickly becoming America’s preferred cremation option, since most traditional cremation and funeral practices fail to use eco-friendly resources. First, funeral homes and burial societies must clear land to keep up with the growing demand for grave plots, and trees must be harvested for the manufacturing of urns and caskets. Additionally, metals are forged for certain types of urns and casket parts, while the embalming process for viewings and burials involve the use of carcinogenic chemicals that eventually end up in our local water supply.

Despite the fact that green cremation is a growing trend in the United States, the process is not new. The Mayo Clinic has been using green practices to cremate the bodies of those who have generously donated their bodies to science, which is another option you may be able to discuss with your cremation provider.

Pre-planning a green cremation and memorial service mainly involves selecting a green cremation provider as well as cremation or burial products considered eco-friendly.

Choosing a green cremation provider

When researching and choosing a green cremation provider, ask the provider about their green, eco-friendly packages. Most cremation providers offer simple or basic cremation packages that involve just the cremation and the placing of your cremains in a temporary urn, which omits the use of embalming and cosmetics to prepare your body for a final viewing. Some cremation providers even perform embalming using “green” solutions that are completely safe for the environment in the event your family wants to view your body and say a final goodbye. In most cases, your cremation provider will be happy to work with you on planning a green cremation and may offer new, outside-of-the-box suggestions based on current industry trends in green cremation.

Choosing green cremation products

During the pre-planning process, you’ll have the opportunity to choose green products that will be used during your cremation or funeral. A simple or basic cremation is often already considered green and eco-friendly, but you could also choose an urn or casket that is biodegradable and safe for burial. Or, you can forego a decorative urn altogether, and plan for the scattering of ashes using the temporary urn provided to you by the cremation provider. If you plan on having a memorial service, request that guests sign an online registry instead of using a formal paper registry, and have them donate the funds they would have spent on flowers to your favorite green or eco-friendly non-profit organization.

When it comes to planning the cremation service for yourself or your loved one, Heartland Cremation is the business you can trust for all your funeral and cremation needs. Family-owned and operated, we are dedicated to providing your loved one with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve. To learn more about our worry-free cremation services, contact us or visit one of our locations throughout the greater Kansas City region.

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